The Power Of Prayer

laitman_284.07A prayer is a desire that rises from creation to the Creator, from the lowest to the highest. The difference is that when the Creator gives to the created beings, not without a reason but at their request, it elevates them from the animate to the human level. Therefore,  the revelation of a desire, prayer, request, gratitude—any appeal to the Creator—is very important. It determines all the corrections and advancements in spiritual work.

The power of prayer is enormous. We see in our world that even a small child can push a button and launch a gigantic system that can harm or benefit the whole world. Therefore, the prayer is crucial. After all, even the smallest desire included in a large system specifically designed to receive desires can awaken, shift the system, and cause massive changes.

In technology, such systems are called amplifiers: mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and electronic. One can run large systems with a small action. This shows how important the input impulse is. Also, the more powerful, bigger, and wiser the system, the more subtle and sensitive is the impulse it requires, with a lot of preparation.

With the right prayer one can awaken the heavens and launch the system of all the worlds. After all, our impact on the higher system is transmitted up to the very world of infinity and causes a response.

Prayer has tremendous power. It is evident in material examples. Until recently, people used such simple devices, as bow and arrows in which the reaction was proportional to the strength of the mechanical action and was of the same nature. Recently, however, when humanity began to work with electric, electronic, hydraulic, and computer systems, we see how the weakest signal sent to the transistor, the minimum input impulse, opens a large electric current or valve for water flow.

If I understand how to open a faucet, I can water the whole world. This is the power of prayer. But a prayer is not just words; it is bringing oneself into conformity with the higher system, as it is written: “Make your desire as His desire.” And then, even my smallest desires will work: as much as I am small and the system is huge, my weak influence can awaken the forces of cosmic power.1

The most important thing is to understand what a perfect system I am in and how I can activate it, and then I will be the master of the world. The Creator gives me the keys to run the whole huge system of the universe. But this has to be done in complete darkness.

I try to give to society, but I find out that I do not want this and that I am incapable of such an attitude. No matter how hard I try, my good intentions are good for a second and then I forget about them again. After all my many attempts, it turns out that I saddle myself with an intolerable burden. I try to carry it and I think that it is possible, but each time I drop it.

I load this bag over and over again, and it all falls, and then I scream in despair. This is called a prayer that can awaken the upper force that will help me, support the bag, and do my work—I just need to ask all the time. If I feel that I cannot do this work, then the Creator will finish it for me, and my prayer will be true, awakening Him to help me.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/18, “Prayer”(Preparation for the Virtual Convention 2018)
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  1. So does this mean we should abandon the formal prayers that have been set out by the sages?

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