Love In Spirituality

laitman_608.02Question: Will we ever be able to replace words like “love” and “bestowal” for more practical terms?

Answer: No, but we will begin to understand them correctly. You cannot replace these words because in spiritual terms they express the truth. In our world, we distort them and use them completely incorrectly.

If a mother wolf is feeding her cub and caring for it, it is considered that she follows her instinct, not love. Love between a man and a woman is also instinctive. No matter what spectrum of relationships we talk about—mother and child, man and woman—this is instinctive love. True love is called bestowal, when you take the desire of another person and fulfill it.

Question: Wouldn’t it be easier to change this word rather than convince humanity that it is not love?

Answer: I think that humanity will quickly become disillusioned with its vocabulary and will start correcting it on their own. There is nothing to naming such words that are impulses, which relate to purely egoistic self-gratification.

The fact is that humanity never wrote about love, there were not even such songs. They appeared in the Middle Ages, from the Renaissance. Beforehand, love meant our relationship with the Creator or some special relationship between people that was other than physical. Such an understanding of the term “love” as we have today never even existed.

In terms of the world “unity,” that’s a different story. Here we mean the unity between people for the purpose of achieving the highest goal, of attaining the meaning of life.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/5/18

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