Why Is Coca-Cola More Accessible Than Water?

laitman_547.05Question: Why is a can of cold Coca-Cola more accessible than a glass of fresh water?

Answer: Coca-Cola is closer, more affordable, and more available to us than a glass of good pure water because someone profits from it.

Again, the egoism of a person, of a manufacturing company, pushes it to make its product more accessible to all. It cannot earn as much from a glass of water as from a can of Coca-Cola, so Coca-Cola promotes itself to make money from us.

However, if by means of planetary awareness, we realize what is useful for us, we use only good things for us and despise the rest, if we eliminate everything we do not need and use only necessary things, then of course, during the life of one generation, we would be able to raise a generation that would be disgusted with Coca-Cola and all sorts of unhealthy foods, endless sweets, etc.

Then, we will bring up a new, healthy generation without genetic food and without such poisons as Coca-Cola and such.

After all, if egoism disappears from the world, then no one will benefit from making poisonous foods. No one would feel any benefit from it. On the contrary, society should condemn all those companies that act this way. Society must take care to protect all its members from the distribution of poisonous food.

But since we do not love each other, we do not care about each other’s health. As a result, of course, there are those who sell poisons, advertise poisons, and there are those who under the influence of this advertisement begin to buy them, use them—they take this poison.

Our egoism pushes us to all bad things. Until we restrain it, we will drink poisons and will not achieve a healthy life.
The Round Table Of Independent Opinions, Berlin 9/9/06

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  1. Very good, however, people also need water but Demand Coca-Cola… Demand drives production… If production drives demand… Then all that has been achieved is … Addictions.

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