The Deputy Health Minister Vs. McDonald’s

Laitman_506_6Question: Israeli Deputy Minister of Health Jacob Litzman called the people of Israel to cut down on the consumption of fast food and even wanted to ban the McDonald’s fast food chain restaurant. He suggested teaching children to avoid unhealthy food. He emphasized that the goal of the health ministry has changed and that now it will focus on curbing the popularity of fast food.

Answer: The Americans already have realized that they should give up fast food since it is only beneficial for those who produce it.

But people still must grab something on the way and have no idea, for example, what a hot dog is made of, and they don’t really care as long as it fills them up. A person eats a hotdog, drinks a coke, and feels good. The fact that he later must spend his wages on doctors and medications doesn’t matter, he doesn’t see the connection here.

I am for removing all the junk food and sweets, of course. They are merely the product of our latest technologies. If you told a person 150 years ago that you have candies, he would not understand what you are saying. Candies, just like sugar, do not exist in nature. There are, on the other hand, fruits, honey, nuts, and so on.

Question: But the body craves it.

Answer: This is because it is easy for the body to receive an immediate supply of fats and carbohydrates. The body gets used to such foods very quickly and becomes too lazy to get it any other way. This is very harmful, so such foods should be forbidden in children’s institutions and on every street corner. It is better to consume foods like falafel because it is a vegetable product. If you don’t fry it in oil, it is certainly healthy.

Question: Should we ban such foods?

Answer: Of course I would love to keep all of the sweets and junk foods far away from our children. See how the French live. They live longer because everything that they consume is natural. They don’t consume hot dogs and cokes. I believe that we should not adopt the worst there is in humanity. I support the health minister’s proposal.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/14/16

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