The Problem Of Obesity In The US

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from RT): “By 2030, more than half of Americans could be obese, taxing the nation’s health while costing the country $500 billion in lost economic productivity. The food industry, however, is doing its best to keep the public hooked – no matter what the price.

“With one out of three adults clinically obese and 40 percent of children officially overweight, the US is the fattest country in the developed world. The burgeoning public health crisis will see instances of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer skyrocket over the next two decades, taking an already strained healthcare system to breaking point.

“But with food manufacturers keen on keeping customers loyal while maximizing their profits, public health concerns are likely to be dwarfed by the bottom line.

“’What these food scientists have done is that they’ve gone to a lab and they’ve created these chemical concoctions that are very sweet, very fatty and very salty. And they call that the bliss point. Meaning they’ve created addictive foods that are going to get consumers hooked and they’re going to keep wanting to come back for more and more foods,’ Elizabeth Kucinich, of Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, told RT. …

“Kendrik said the reason why food in the US is both addictive and laden with fat, sugar and salt is simple.

“’In one word, I would say: greed. We obviously are putting money above public health,’ he said. ‘Just like with cigarettes, we want to keep people addicted. I equate it to what the cigarette industry did. They deliberately wanted to put things in that were addictive because that drives sales and will continue to drive generations of sales.’”

My Comment: All this is based on the usual egoism that turns everything into “help against you,” and any mechanisms, systems, and companies, created by man, turn against him, profiting from him, not by curing diseases, not by providing him with useful things, not by teaching him what is necessary, but on the contrary, by confusing him and profiting at his expense. But there is the end of egoistic development: It, like cancer, kills the body and itself dies with it.

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