So The Body And Soul Will Be Young

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of the “sensation of balance” between a person and society that comes as a result of integral education?

Answer: A person feels kindness, openness, support from everyone, inclusion into others, and feels everyone together rather than himself. He “comes out of himself,” from his problems, from his illnesses, and from his thoughts. This is most important especially in the elderly. He begins to feel like a child who becomes included in the surrounding environment as though he is floating in it. It is very important for him to be with others, to play with them, and to sense them.

If we bring people to such a state, then they will really not feel their age. They will be ready to literally give everything for this. After all, a person feels amazing lightness; he doesn’t feel the weight of his age. This makes him healthier and rejuvenates him.

Rejuvenation takes place when a person rises above his state so much that he becomes included in the collective. He no longer feels himself, but rather the commonality: all as one.
From Kab TV’s “Medicine of the Future,” Part 4, 4/7/13

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