This Is Not A Crisis, But The Revelation Of The Breaking

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who is the lower one who raises MAN?

Answer: The lower one is the broken souls. Broken means that they are revealing that they are unable to connect among themselves and attain the unity that existed before the breaking.

How do they know what existed before the breaking? They arouse this desire in themselves, the need for unity, through the use of different methods.

We have all the Reshimot (informational genes) from the breaking in us; they are called the “seven Reshimot,” or the “seven Lights.”

When we want to connect among us, and we work on it in a group by performing different unifying actions, we awaken these Reshimot in us, and then we feel this lack of unity. So how do we connect?

The Light comes from above when we study, it influences us; we also do different actions, and the Light together with our actions awakens the Reshimot from the breaking in us. This makes us understand at least in our mind and a little in our sensations that we must connect.

When even a slight desire to connect arises in us, it is a result of the Light’s influence because it cannot arise on its own. And then we begin to search for ways to connect.

We think that we are able to unite directly by doing different actions; we organize conventions, unity days, gatherings of friends, and in the end we come to a breaking, disappointment, and a crisis.

But this is not a crisis; this is the revelation of the breaking, only from below upward. The revelation of the lack of unity is a good state because you also were broken before; you just were not revealing it.

Now, once you have discovered the desire and the need for unity in you, you acquire the opportunity to begin to form MAN from it, because a sensation of desire alone is not enough.

You need to work with this desire together with the group, to try to connect with your friends, and to process this desire that was revealed in you. After all, only the sensation of our inability to connect was revealed.

But this is not enough. Your desire needs to be directed towards the Upper One, towards bestowal, the connection between us, in order to reveal the spiritual, the Creator, the common property of bestowal.

As we keep working more and more on this, as a consequence of the influence of the Light, we suddenly begin to reveal in our actions attempts to connect, and we are not capable of doing it; we must go and ask help from the Upper One.

But also, when we want to ask the Upper One and it seems we are turning to Him, we discover that we not only need this Upper One to connect us, but we begin to feel that we are doing it specifically for Him.

We are not uniting among us for us but in order to connect with Him and give Him pleasure by doing this.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/10, “The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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