A Mass Suicide Attempt Of Native Americans In Canada

Laitman_910Question: The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted the heartbreaking news about more mass suicide attempts among the Native American population.

Answer: The Native Americans in Canada and South America feel isolated from the modern world and feel that they don’t belong to it. They find our world threatening, feel that they don’t understand it and cannot be part of it. Very few manage to overcome this barrier and adapt to the modern world to some extent.

Today, it is even hard for us to adapt to it, although we are the ones who actually have created it. It is not easy to live in today’s world.

Canada provides the First Nation’s population with everything that they need. They live in large and rich reservations where the cost of living is low. They pay no taxes and can do whatever they want. But they still feel emptiness and cannot fill their natural desire to merge with nature by living a modern life.

The invasion of this strange lifestyle has detached them from nature and destroyed the relationships between parents and children and with the land. They don’t feel the wide-open spaces, they don’t hunt. They no longer have the mutual relationships they had in order to communicate in times of war, peace, or truce. They cannot overcome this loss.

This is what happens when people lose their spiritual root. We can provide them with everything they want on the material level, but it is impossible to replace their yearning for their spiritual root. This stops the natural development, which should occur in this nation.

This is the reason that Baal HaSulam wrote that civilized nations bring huge misfortune to indigenous tribes since they destroy their relationship to the land. What can be done? I believe that it would be possible to start working among them to unite, if we have the strength and resources. Internal union would begin to lift them, to nourish them, and to reconnect them.

That’s what I talked to the Indians during my trip to South America.

I had a chance to speak about that to Indians in South America during my visit there. And they understood me, approved, and they agreed that this is what should be done. However, in order to do this, we must be near them and show them how to unite, not in the lodge or a fire, but in a more sublime and spiritual way. They understand and feel it, but this requires extensive work.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/13/16

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  1. I appreciate the thought from Baal HaSulam, and you Dr. Laitman for your thoughts on this. Their was a lot of abuse, and genocide for the American Natives over the past in Canada, and The U.S.A. I was told by my grandfather the stories of the “cold winter” when the U.S. gave diseased blankets to tribes in the north west. They called those who tried to indoctrinate them the “black robes”. The domination of religion took away the right to express themselves spiritually the way they had for thousands of years, as well as their language, dance, and way of life as they seen the meaning of life. Misunderstood, they were regarded as animals, or degenerated humans. In reality, Native Americans and those who practice the indigenous ways still to this day have a very old, and traditional way of seeing, thinking, and reacting with Nature and the Natural Forces. I have been studying with you for 6 years now Rav, and from what I can see from my learned perspective is that the American Kli needs some assistance. Their is much confusion, but gives you and us much work. Help us please, we need more attention here, toward the correction within the groups. Be Well, my friend.
    Within respect for you,
    T.J. Guse

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