“Take Off The Rose-Colored Glasses!”

Laitman_115_06Comment: Dr. Emma Seppala, Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, presents a world view that is opposite from your views. When asked whether human nature is egoistic or whether it is kind, she replied that there are those who believe that people are naturally egoistic and that tough competition is the key to their success, but the principle of the survival of the fittest is incorrect and that it is possible to advance without underestimating or humiliating others. It makes no difference what a person engages in as long as he works for the well being of others. From her perspective man is basically good hearted and merciful and not egoistic.

Answer: Does this mean that people were given a mind in order to behave nicely to one another and to understand each other. Is this what determines the relations between states and nations? Do we see that this is what guides and motivates us today and throughout human history?

Our relations are based solely on the individual’s desire to rise higher than others, to be better off at the expense of others, and to use them. We should study and get to know how the animate level of nature operates. We are no different from animals. Only we are given also the mind that we use for the same egoistic development in all directions, wherever possible. Therefore, people are the greatest evil in nature. That is what we see.This is the reason that man is the worst creature in nature and this is actually what we see. If Dr. Emma Seppalla wears rose-colored glasses there is nothing we can do about it.

Nature is basically absolute egoism and this is also what the Torah says: “I have created the evil inclination; I have created the Torah as a spice.” Therefore, as long as man doesn’t use the Torah correctly, which means that he doesn’t draw the Light that Reforms in order to correct the ego, while he studies, he is a complete egoist. We are trapped in a vicious cycle that we cannot escape any other way except through the influence of the Upper Light that can pull us out. Otherwise, all our aspirations and our impulses, which may seem good, are totally egoistic.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/7/16

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