What Was Man Created For?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Lately, rich people give up their money for the benefit of society. The fact that they benefit from that is irrelevant. They still think that if they build another hospital or school in Africa, they will benefit society. Even my African relatives who live in Europe say that it won’t help unless we force the Africans to work, but the Africans don’t want to work.

Answer: We have actually prevented them from doing so. In the past Africa used to produce and export different products, but our incorrect attitude towards this continent changed everything.

Question: What will the six billion people on this planet do? We invent work for people just to keep them busy. Was this complex world created so that a person should wake up in the morning, ride over-crowded public transportation, reach an office or a factory, perform mechanical actions, come back home, and thus keep on doing this for the rest of his life until he dies?

Answer: We have turned ourselves into slaves. But now our perception is changing. Man was created to do a totally different kind of work—to work on himself and not to work in production.

We all understand that one percent of the population can provide for the rest of the world whatever is needed to sustain a sensible life, a home, family, health care, and all the rest. One percent at the most, and soon this will also be replaced by automated machines and computers that will produce practically everything.

Man, however, will only engage in regulating the two forces of nature, the force of receiving and the force of bestowal in which we have to exist. We have to develop the force of bestowal in us next to the force of receiving and aspire to balance them.

Implementing the integral education system in factories and schools will mean that after a couple of lessons a person will begin to understand that the world is totally different, that a person doesn’t have to be in control, go to work, work for a whole day, come back home, go to bed, and thus over and over again. He will suddenly understand that this is not his destiny and that it will never help anyone.

It turns out that there is a method that raises us to the next level, and if we don’t reach it out of our freewill, nature will push us in this direction.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis” 3/19/13

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  1. Although I love this, its real easy for a rich man to write this. Yes, we have to do what we were born with, the true talents that God gave us. It takes a certain brain to go to college an finish, it also takes money, I was born in the ghetto, worked since I was 13 yrs. old. I was very hungry many times. Im writing a book, an painting, but an artist needs to eat an have a place to sleep. Yet, there are very rich people that wont lend a hand to someone like me, even though im a 100 percent bondable. I can cook an clean greatly,. I can achieve the talented work that is in me but I have to live in the terrible ghettos an get robbed, beaten, an suffer alot of hell. Its easy for a rich man to say that we should live our real talents an not hold a robot mundane, low paying job. duh this is alot of peoples dreams, but the rich are too greedy to really help people here, they rather go around the world an help someone there, good, do both. Help another person achieve their dreams an partake in their Joy.

  2. Dear Sir , I have a question , I understand the free will its impossible to achieve while body mind are active , but if everything is written , every finger print stay in the soul , so its possible really say we have the free will?.

    Thank you very much for your time .
    Miriam Strauss

  3. People are miserable these days, they just don’t have a reason to live. The reason is consume more and more, only it.

  4. Francis, Rabbi Laitman has often said what you’re saying, i.e., that we are all one collective soul, yet not enough see it that way, especially the rich. As a result, we see much unrest as the collective soul is now converging (globalization is one example Laitman uses). The Eurocrisis riots are one example. You would benefit much from studying the free Kabbalah classes online so you’d better understand the Rabbi’s message. I took those classes and they truly changed my perception of life and why certain events are happening.

  5. Everybody should be a winner and we should help one another to achieve this mutual goal. In the animal world one is the food of the other. This is not the case of human beings. Those evolved at the altruistic level do no harm but only good. Always giving before receiving and balancing to not burn out. Never give beyond the middle point for one was not designed for this either. When everybody stays in tune with those around and connected to you it is much easier to maintain the balance of nature and keep everything and everybody alive and healthy.

    Thanks again Rabbi Laitman. Your teachings is objective and achievable.

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