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  1. All the best rav, all the excellent best for you, the friends, your close ones, your family, the whole BB and all, and all, and all. I wont argue. You are all good people.Good people or at least the best people I ever met in this low place. Israel. Just this name, seen or heard is enough to make me cry. Hebrew sounds like music to my ears. Hebrew voices, Hebrew tones. I dont even have to understand it., though I would better. This is the topmost of humanity. All the very best, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart. I wont argue. Shabbat shalom.

  2. Thank you Rav Leitman for this clearly presented segment! All that you say seems so simple and really part of each person’s life, though the person doesn’t know it! Everything is as it must be . . . But does that mean that a person living in the present is just to be an innert zombie or robot?
    It seems that there are already too many of these so called human zombies and robots. Some people think that all they have to do is do nothing! Isn’t this LAZINESS?
    Work on the SELF? Please expound on this! especially the reality of the “LADDErR”

    Is the LADDER the Way of the ZOHAR? or is it simply being who one is even though it seems that everyone else is pushing that person away, or out, or in the state of not-belonging?

    This not-belonging, or feeling of not belonging can be very overpowering! Where does a person belong? How is a person to know where he/she belongs?

    Light, desire, movement(evolving) then Quantum Leap? Please expound on this QUANTUM LEAP! Is is simply moving on, going up to another level of the LADDER?

    Living today with no job, the poundings given by the outside situation, can be very devastating? a kind of “SLAVERY”! We are all slaves? are we, or is it just 1% of humanity that is enslaving the rest of the 99%?

    What truly is a person’s PURPOSE? a person’s DESTINY? If all is nothing why be born at all?

    Where is G-D in all of this movement of NATURE? He is CREATOR true! If I am creature, then am I in G-D’s control? Where does the freewill that HE gave me fit in? especially when “shit hits the fan” as the saying goes!

    It is all certainly a”BIG” mystery or a “BIG” joke, isn’t it!

    Thank you for all that you do to bring the TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE of KABBALAH to us in this present age.


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