Love Is The Fulfillment Of The Desires Of The Other

laitman_613Question: Where is the boundary between the spiritual and material worlds? How do we cross it? Does this boundary exist?

Answer: The boundary between the spiritual and material worlds is inside a person. We can consider and measure everything only relative to a person. Therefore, our attitude to the world and to life is very subjective; while I live, the universe shines.

But if I exit my egoism that psychologically is my nature and rise above it, I begin to feel the entire universe in a completely different sense. Because from the inside, I already see everything in the Light of bestowal, love, and altruism. My sensory organs perceive absolutely different characteristics and values, and therefore, the world looks completely different to me.

Question: Why is this called love?

Answer: Because I want to do good to my neighbor. I don’t know what is called love in our world, but in the wisdom of Kabbalah, love refers to such an attitude to the neighbor when you want to fulfill any of his desires. To do what he wants means to love him.

By feeling the neighbor as yourself, you reach your final correction and exit the framework of our world into the framework of the next world, the next degree of attainment and cognition.

Comment: There is an interesting phenomenon in physics that is called synergy, when the system is not equal to the sum of its subsystems. This, to some extent, is reminiscent of what Kabbalah says about the amazing connection, when people, through their unity, begin to feel like one single whole, which no longer divides into separate particles.

My Comment: The collective is much bigger than the sum of its parts.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/25/16

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