Beyond Time, Space And Motion

laitman_744Question: The original sources say that the reality Kabbalists describe is beyond time, space, and motion. What is this reality and where is it?

Answer: Time, space, and motion are the parameters of our world, which is called the imaginary world. They appear in us because of uncorrected egoistic desires.

If we correct our desires, raise them to the level of bestowal, altruistic actions, then they lose those properties due to which time slows down to the level of our world, suddenly physical space appears, etc.

Therefore, concepts of time, space, and movement depend only on our egoistic desires. As soon as we rise above our egoism into the spiritual world, these parameters will disappear; they do not exist there.

In the spiritual world, time is a change in our desires from less altruism to more. Space and motion are the movements from lower, weaker qualities of bestowal to stronger ones.
From Kab TV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 11/26/18

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