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The world can be corrected only through unification of the nation of Israel, from which the quality of unity will spread to the whole world. The world is needing this more and more—and therefore anti-Semitism is growing. Unity is the Torah of Israel. Redemption is exit from egoism, hatred into love.

The condition of being liberated from our nature, egoism, the only evil in the world, exit from exile inside it, is for us to reveal its evil precisely in it—revelation of evil.
Jews cannot escape their mission—just as they came out of egoism on their own in the past, they returned to it in oder to pull out all the nations!

The world today is going through realization of humanity’s egoism (Pharaoh’s rule) as harmful to all the nations. The aim of the existence of the state and people of Israel must be revealed in order to reveal Kabbalah as the only method of the world’s correction. This is why the BB [Bnei Baruch] organization exists!

The quality of nature, egoism, called Pharaoh, must itself recognize the need for its own change to the opposite quality—altruism, called the Creator. Gradual transformation of reception into bestowal is called performing a commandment.
This understanding must be revealed in the whole world!

Pharaoh—egoism himself opens up the exit from him—Egypt, from slavery of existence in egoism. Our egoistic nature must become convinced of its own evil, harm—and of the need to acquire the quality of the Creator that’s opposite to it.
That is the extent to which we need to disseminate the essence and goal of Kabbalah!

Baal HaSulam, “Messiah’s Horn”: the condition for the world’s redemption from the evil of egoism is the nations’ recognition of “Torah” as the method of unity—”And the earth will be filled by the knowledge.” Likewise, exodus from Egypt—egoism happened because “Pharaoh—egoism recognized the Creator and correction”—and allowed exit from itself.
From Twitter, 7/28/19

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