A Person Should Express Love

laitman_962.2Baal HaSulam writes that in the future corrected society every nation will maintain its corporeal traditions because they emerged from different spiritual roots of 70 nations. There should be love in the relations between people, but its externally expressed form will correspond to the mentality of each nation. Most importantly, a person should express love—in this, he follows not his own opinion and understanding, but another person’s perception of love, and he adjusts himself to it. If I, a Jew, want to treat a Frenchman, for whom the most delicious food is frogs, then I will look for kosher frogs for him.1

We are obliged to unite not because of the fear of the Creator or the government, but because of the integral connection revealed in nature more and more every day. If we approach such a connection, we will feel good, but if not, then it will be bad for us. Nature demands us to unite and there is nowhere to escape from it.

Today there is fear of the danger of the imminent disappearance of life on earth because of climate warming, ozone holes, and high methane gas concentrations in the atmosphere. But all this will not happen, we will suffocate, but we will not die. We will be forced to go through all the suffering until we fulfill the terms of nature. If unity is embedded in the root of creation, in its ultimate goal, then we will certainly get to it; the only question is the price that we will pay for it.2

The law of the society of the future: everyone receives the existential necessities in order to give a hundred percent of themselves to serve society, living on an equal footing with everyone. This is the law of mutual guarantee (Arvut) implemented in corporeal form. We are obliged to it not by the socialist system or philosophical convictions, but by the law of nature, which we must fulfill. If we do not fulfill it, then it will be very bad for us and we will still be forced to obey, but only by receiving blows. We have the opportunity to walk in the path of the light (Achishena).

It is predicted that in fifty years the Earth will be lifeless and burned out: there will be no ozone, no oxygen, no life. But we should not worry about the ozone layer—leave this concern to the Creator. We need to take care of implementing the laws that we are able to fulfill, that is, the law of love of one’s neighbor. By this, we will put all of nature in order.

Over the coming years, we will witness how all our attempts to normalize the environment by taking care of flowers, trees, plants, and disappearing coral reefs, and prohibiting fishing are useless. We can decide that from today onward we will not do anything that could harm the globe, and tomorrow we will discover more and more problems: the financial crisis, the collapse of society.

Nature must lead us to the decision to unite. Therefore, we will suffocate without oxygen, burn under holes in the ozone layer, suffer from volcanic eruptions and hurricanes in order to realize that there is no choice, that only through our connection can we calm nature.

Humanity is the highest level of existence in nature. We are all connected together and if we reach balance on the human level, then all other levels will balance automatically, from top to bottom. But if hatred and confusion reign on our top level, then no matter how much we invest in the lower levels trying to preserve the environment, nothing will help. No matter how many committees we open or how much money we invest, everything will be useless. Only one thing will help: the mutual guarantee between us, the correct social education.3
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/19, Building The Future Society
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