Try And See How Beautiful The Upper World Is

Laitman_183.04Question from Facebook: You talk about spiritual work, but how do we know that the changed values will be better than the previous ones?

Answer: The fact is that all the values we have today are built on the insignificance of our sensations, the insignificance of our world, on the fact that we run away from problems all the time, and we struggle with various difficulties.

In a different state, at the next level of perception of reality, there is a completely different existence—in plus, not in minus. Therefore, the values there are in bestowal, in love, and in fulfillment. In our world, everything is the other way around.

The Book of Zohar says: “Try and see how beautiful the upper world is.”
From KabTV’s: “Answers to Questions on Facebook,” 3/10/19

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