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Choice is the most important thing in our life. We are making choices non-stop, comparing, consciously or unconsciously, and changing our approach. Our entire life is a choice of the best option as per the new criteria, determined by what is most important right now.

When the importance of spirituality falls in my eyes, it’s as if the staff falls out of my hands and turns into a serpent. But these two states are connected: we cannot rise up without descending down. “The Creator made one against the other.” The staff holds me up high, and the serpent pulls me down. I choose…

If spirituality falls in my eyes, and I elevate it, it means I am walking with the staff. The nature of the staff is such that it constantly falls, and I have to lift it up every time. That’s how I lead the ten, and it holds me. (Aron Noseh Nosav).
The staff falls, I lift it and thus walk towards the goal.

Our work lies in annulling ourselves to zero, so there will be no one besides the Creator. From that zero, we must lower ourselves till negative infinity, so all the work will be done not by us, but by the Creator per our request. Thus from 100% egoism we descend to minus 100%, in which the Creator is revealed.

We have to work with our will to enjoy for the sake of bestowal, meaning, use our egoism to the fullest. By doing our work, we grow our egoism 620-fold and attain a corrected desire that’s 620 times greater than the original one.

The next egoistic degree comes from the light, which I drew for the sake of bestowal, and then fell and wished to have it for myself. This is the staff and the serpent: the importance of bestowal falls, I must raise it higher and higher.
I thus attain a desire that’s 620 times greater by virtue of egoism’s expansion by the light.

We lower our egoism, but it grows even more each time. The light that enters fans our ego on the following degree. As a result of our efforts, light enters us for the sake of bestowal, but we fall and wish to receive for our own sake. That’s how light raises egoism to the light’s degree.

Spiritual movement happens by revealing an empty space—desire and filling it with the quality of bestowal—the Creator. So it has two polar states: sin, egoism, and its filling by bestowal. Revelation of evil is necessary and mandatory at the beginning of every new spiritual state
From Twitter, 8/19/19

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