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The neighbor is one who is opposite to me, similar to how we are opposite to the Creator. Nevertheless, the law of love operates in the system, obliging us to connect—otherwise we won’t be able to exist.
Love is the law of connection of all parts of nature, the created hatred, on all degrees.

We unite with the Creator not from the positive or negative, but from the middle between them—the Creator. Hence we must look for the center of the group, the common connection so that there—and only there, together we will demand the Light that Reforms. It will then do its job and it is also there that we will reveal the Creator.

Love is a special force of a higher order, connecting the positive and negative. It “covers all crimes”—gaps between opposites. It is the 3rd factor connecting them into one. It is the middle line given to us from above. It is the force of the Creator, not belonging to “+” nor “-“.

The day of love (Tu Be-Av)—love for all of creation, as coming from the Creator. This is a connection to the whole universe, humanity. I wish to love everything, to belong to a single system of good forces, so I will support everyone and everyone will support me. This universal love must fill everyone.

It was a pleasure having the @i24NEWS_EN crew here today at our headquarters in Petah Tikva. They interviewed me about the uniqueness of Bnei Baruch, how we teach Kabbalah, and why it’s becoming so popular in our time.

I explained the difference between authentic Kabbalah, and other teachings. We talked about how our organization welcomes individuals of all colors, genders, and nationalities, from all over the world.
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Two states on the spiritual path:
Mateh (staff)—when a person manages his egoism, being in control of it and aiming it to move toward the goal. That’s why it is called Mateh—staff.
Nahash (serpent) is when one cannot manage egoism, has no control to lead it in the intention for the sake of the Creator. But the serpent teaches him the path…
From Twitter, 8/15/19

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