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#Hungary has the highest level of #Antisemitism in #Europe. 7.5% of carriers of the #Jewish genes live there—the largest share of Jewish genes in the world after Israel, twice the number in the US. It is as if having one Jewish grandparent.
That is why Hungarians are the biggest anti-Semites!

We advance step by step: I rose and fell—”And there was evening and there was morning—one day.” Each and every time, we build a new state by losing everything we received before. If we’d remember and preserve the previous state, we wouldn’t be able to acquire a new one. I have to fall—”Shimon from the market”

The lower one receives everything from the upper one: this world and the upper world, and the means to ascend.
What remains is to discern how to relate properly to the external and internal states, meaning to the group, the world and myself, and then incorporate myself into the group and annul myself.

Self-annulment can be passive or active, at various degrees, in changing conditions. But the experience we must accumulate from all the states we go through is the ability to annul ourselves of our own choice. I must know why I annul myself and before whom, and how, in return I acquire the group, the world.

For now we cannot do anything besides self-annulment, nullifying ourselves more and more. All correction comes down to this: until its very end, until the “coming of the Messiah,” the light “Rav Poalim Umekabtsiel.”
All our actions are to annul ourselves because we are working on egoism’s correction.

By nullifying myself, I adhere to the Creator’s self-annulment and attain Him through His self-annulment. By annulling myself for the sake of connecting to Him, I start to understand how He annuls Himself—and thus I study the upper one. It is also important to annul yourself to the right people, but never to the egoistic world.

Allowing the Creator to be delighted by revealing Himself in the creatures is work that, till the end of correction, proceeds entirely “on the ascent,” from “AHAP De Aliyah,” by adhering to the upper one, annulling to Him through annulling to the group, as written, “From love for the creatures to love for the Creator.”

Passive self-annulment is bestowal for the sake of bestowal, while an active one is already reception for the sake of bestowal. I am in the upper one, I feel Him and understand just how I can delight Him by receiving, by helping Him be revealed in me.
From Twitter, 8/14/19

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