My Thoughts On Twitter 8/7/19

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All of nature, our behavior and attitudes—everything works according to the egoistic desires of each and everyone. Until the Jews draw the Upper force to correct egoism, the world will not change. Once the nature of the world begins to change, the world will return to that (Light of Hassadim) as at the time of Adam. (Torah)

Humanity has gone through all the stages of its egoistic development. We are about to undergo a period of realizing the need to change our nature, and ascending above individual egoism into a consciousness, aims and efforts that are common to us all—by nature’s coercive pressure and suffering, or by accepting this development.

In the European civilization’s decline, we can see the end of the entire earthly materialistic civilization. The next stage of mankind’s development lies in its ascent into the world of spirit, attainment of integral existence in unity, rather than achievements in each individual’s narrow egoism. But for now, the birth of the new era lies ahead for us …
From Twitter, 8/7/19

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