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Since the #Jews were created as a gathering of the 70 nations of the world, they have nothing that is personally theirs. They contain the whole world and everyone has a concern about them—what happens in their nation and state.
Hence the nations instinctively look upon #Israel and wait for changes…

The nations of the world may be hostile to each other, but this has no adverse impact on other nations. However, with the nation of Israel—if it is not amicable among itself, by the lack of connections between its members, it impacts the nations of the world negatively. And when they pressure it, it grows closer within itself—and the nations of the world feel better because of it.

There have been Kabbalists greater that the Ari, such as Rabbi Akiva, Rashbi and others. But they were unable to express the method of correction the way the Ari did. This is not determined by a Kabbalist’s height, but by his correspondence to the generation. That is why we value the Ari’s texts so much—because we can attain correction with their help.

The story of how the Ari’s works were publicized resembles the story of The Book of Zohar, which was revealed a thousand years later. Only by the time of Baal HaSulam were all of the Ari’s writings finally collected and Baal HaSulam was able to write the “Teaching of the Ten Sefirot” commentary to them. All of Kabbalah is built upon The Zohar and the books of the Ari.
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When we study the materials of the Ari, we are affected by the light that reforms that’s concealed in these texts. Its influence depends on our intention, aspiration to unity, unification, similarity to the Creator. The light operates around us, enveloping us, protecting us, bringing us closer to unity.

Baal HaSulam: There are no words to express the importance of the Ari’s spiritual work for us because the doors of attaining the upper world were locked, and the Ari came and opened them for us. All the sages of subsequent generations and till our days devoted themselves to adhering with his upper wisdom.

The Ari was a person who opened up the path to the heavens for us. From the inheritance we received from him, we can extract the light that reforms—the most valuable thing it contains. The Ari’s compositions are the saving rope thrown to us from above—by grabbing on to it, we can rise to the Creator’s degree.

We are approaching the 9th of Av. During this period we have always been exterminated, imprisoned, and sanctioned in all sorts of ways. But the 9th of Av can turn into the most joyous and bright day of all—redemption of the world from all evil, its elevation to the eternal perfect degree.
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