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We are in the material (spiritually inanimate) world to have the opportunity to create conditions that are independent of spiritual (internal) states, to help by actions as long as we are unable to help by intentions. Every lesson is participation in building the Kli, even by a physical effort!

Every person that mourns the destruction of the Temple (soul) will merit to see it. We must pray for society’s correction, for creation of intentions to bestow, Rosh, Kabbalists, above desires to receive, Guf, the nation. Desires are in the nation, while intentions to bestow must be developed by Kabbalists.

The soul is the head, Isra-el, intentions to bestow, and the body—desires to receive. The soul’s correction lies in attaining intentions to bestow. Desires do not change. The soul’s breaking is that intentions became “for reception,” in order for us to be able to correct them to “for bestowal” and connect them with desires. That is how the soul is revived.

The soul’s breaking by the Creator till our state was necessary so it could be restored by people. That’s what the Creator revealed to Abraham in advance. It is just preparation to realize the need to perform the correction now. Only it counts as man’s work—the past is preparation from above.

Intention is called the head, and desire is the body. We work on intention so it will direct the desires and we’ll be able to use them correctly. If the congruence between the two disappears, it means destruction of the body, Temple. Creation of the Temple is when the congruence of intention and desire is restored.
From Twitter, 8/12/19

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