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The big congress in Russian is beginning in Chisinau, Moldova. More than 1,200 of my Russian-speaking students gathered from various countries. We hope that in the unity between us, rising above the ego, we will reveal the Upper force, the quality of love and bestowal. #live
Everyone is invited (link to live stream of event in English)
From Twitter, 9/6/19

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Audio Version Of The Blog – 9/6/19

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Convention In Moldova “Day One” – 9/6/19

Convention in Moldova 2019, “Dissolving in the Friends,” Lesson 1

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Convention in Moldova 2019, “Preparation for Lesson 2” 

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Convention in Moldova 2019, “To Become Ready to Be Influenced by the Society,” Lesson 2

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Convention in Moldova 2019, “Preparation for Lesson 3” 

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Convention in Moldova 2019, “How Can I Affect the Society,” Lesson 3

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Discover That Reality Is Perfect

laitman_251The topic of “There is none else besides Him” is the most important in the wisdom of Kabbalah and each time it is perceived in anew. It seems to us that we repeat the same words, but it is never a repetition because we ourselves constantly change. Therefore, we perceive this concept in a new way every time. If a person does not feel changes, he should be concerned about it.

The concept “There is none else besides Him” always changes because we are talking about the Creator Himself, about His uniqueness, about the upper governance that operates on us.1

The Creator, the Emanator, the upper force, is a constant concept. All of reality was created by one thought. However, the question arises: did it ever happen or has it always existed? It is us, the created beings, who live in the framework of time, and it seems to us that reality is changing. In fact, we are in a constant reality where everything, both upper and lower, exists in the completely corrected state. We need to reveal all this reality.

Reality in itself is already perfect, there is no development in it, and nothing new arises. Changes occur only with respect to a person. We need to discover this reality by figuring out who we are. Are there really so many of us or is it just one person who has so many different thoughts, desires, and actions?

On the Creator’s behalf, reality is constant—the way He created it. But a person has an opportunity to participate in the revelation of this reality, determining the speed and the nature of its revelation. The most important thing is: who do we make efforts for, trying to discover this.

Initially, there was a single thought—the thought of creation. “That single thought performs and  is the essence of all the operations, the purpose and the essence of the labor. It is by itself the entire perfection and the sought-after reward.” That is, this thought includes everything in itself; we just need to try and connect to it, to want to be included in it. All our work and efforts are directed at this.

The Creator revealed to us the purpose of creation, that is, His attitude toward us. On His part, everything is completed. However, if we aspire to identify ourselves with the thought of creation, then we attain the Creator. By trying to reveal the thought of the Creator, we get to know Him, feel Him, become included in Him, and connect with Him.

He wants us to discover this thought. If from our place below we rise to its height, to the root of the thought of creation, to this point in which this thought was formed in the Creator, then in this way, we get closer to Him (not to the thought but to the Creator Himself) and reveal Him.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/19, “There Is None Else Besides Him”
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2 Minute 3:07

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“Why Doesn’t Anarchy Work?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why doesn’t anarchy work?

A society with no governing body cannot survive. It needs a head that determines and a body that executes.

Anarchy states that there should be no head.

In any system, however, there is a head and a body. What would a head do without a body, or a body without a head? What would activate the body? Our problem is that we cannot build such ideal and correct systems where the head knows what benefits the body, and the body knows how to communicate with the head.

The problem we encounter today is that the head part of society has self-interest at heart. It is because the human ego (the desire to enjoy at the expense of others) is in control. Until you extract the ego from everyone, remaining without the divisive and destructive force, you could never build a harmoniously functioning society.

So what should we do? What does a harmoniously functioning society require?

As we grow increasingly egoistic, society becomes increasingly needy of a system that would keep it sustained in a state of balance. Balance in society requires us to consistently nurture positive connection above the growing ego and the divisiveness it brings.

Human nature is anarchic. At its foundation, it is ready to destroy everything for self-aimed enjoyment, and this is the source of all division and conflict.

However, through the environment, we can influence human nature to positively direct its desires and needs for collective betterment.

Therefore, the body is not to blame for its shortcomings. It is governed by the head. Thus, the head needs to know the laws of nature, how to balance society, to bring society into increasing balance above the constantly growing ego, and to constantly work to fulfill the yearnings and desires of the collective of society.

The head cannot be anarchic: it needs to see where it leads the body according to nature’s tendency, and then we will certainly reach, in a positive, pleasant and healthy way, more and more states nature has paved for us. The head needs to function similarly to Sanhedrin, constantly discussing and sharing with the people how they bring the laws to them.

Determine The Future

laitman_557Question: On one hand, you say that we always live in the future. On the other hand, there is no future. Could you explain this, please?

Answer: The fact is that I always as if precede myself and go half a step ahead. Otherwise, I cannot exist in my current state. It is called that I live as if in the future. But there really is no future because I define it. On one hand, I wait for it, but on the other hand, I predetermine it.

The science of Kabbalah says very simply: if you think that the future itself comes to you, then you exist on animate level. The inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature—this is what controls you.

If you want to determine your future yourself, then please, define it yourself, but for this you must rise to the appropriate level of control where you understand that the future depends only on the degree of unity among people.

The stronger we are united, the better the future, we accelerate time, and events become more coordinated. The more people are in greater separation among themselves, the worse is the future and of course, everything else.

So, with our interactions toward our unity or separation, we ourselves determine the future.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 4/28/19

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New Life 1145 – The Image Of The People Of Israel

New Life 1145 – The Image Of The People Of Israel
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Since the time of Abraham, who connected a collection of people from various nations and cultures, Jews have embraced their inherent spiritual gene. In order to stimulate this gene, we must identify with our root and advance the increasingly divisive and separated world toward connection. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how to connect above the opposites, in two layers. According to the law of nature, the people of Israel must fulfill their special role and spread the method of connection throughout the world.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1145 – The Image Of The People Of Israel,” 7/30/19

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