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I go to work, care for my family, think about crossing the street safely, but at the same time I want to feel how each situation is sent to me by the Creator at every moment.
This means not thinking about myself because I think that the Creator does everything, and not that I arrange anything myself.

If I don’t think of myself, I can think of the Creator. There cannot be two masters in the world: it’s either me or Him. I worry not about myself, but only about how not to disconnect from the thought that the Creator shapes me at every moment, realizing the purpose of creation.

I should sense myself in prayer where I ask nothing for myself but only for the ten. If I pray for the good of the ten, for the unity of friends so they become like the Creator and He is revealed in them, then I am called an emissary of the society and I reach genuine prayer.

We must ask the Creator for strength to ascend to the spiritual world. Not the strength to do so on our own, but for the Creator to arrange it Himself.
We raise a prayer together, from our connection, from the feeling of helplessness, for what we desire but cannot achieve.
We ask the Creator to correct us and shape us in likeness to Himself.

Prayer is when we, as a ten, raise a request to the Creator that is heard in the ten’s Keter from its Malchut. The Creator, who is in the ten’s Keter, hears this plea, feels this deficiency. We thus awaken the Upper Force.
The answer to our prayer is received from above: the Upper Light that awakens us.

When we awaken the power of the Creator, the force of unity and bestowal, it is victorious. We perceive all the “enemies” that work against us as the Creator’s forces, which He sends against us in order for us to rise above them and become wiser and stronger.

– What guarantee do we have that unity, based on Kabbalah’s method, will not turn into a negative force as it did with Nazism or fascism?
– In Kabbalah this cannot happen because this method is based on every person and the whole group working together to annul egoism.

When we achieve success, we do not sense pride or that we are better than others; on the contrary, we understand that we have to serve them. The method of #Kabbalah is completely opposite to Nazism and will never result in feelings of pride or superiority.
From Twitter, 9/4/19

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