An Opportunity To Ask The Creator For Help

laitman_962.7The wisdom of Kabbalah differs from simple popular blind faith in that it speaks of working during descents, distancing and rejections from the Creator through all kinds of events in our life. We seem to be ready to say that “There is none else besides Him.” After all, it is right and good that there is just one force that creates everything and controls everything. However, we forget about this as soon as we feel rejection from this force, when we receive all kinds of problems that are supposedly unfair.

In addition, it turns out that they were planned by the Creator for each of us in advance, even from the beginning of creation, because everything is predetermined until the end of correction. Therefore, our life is a film that we need to add 620 times more to through our efforts and precisely during the time of distancing.

The main work is during the descent. The Creator burdens our path by sending all sorts of troubles, problems, and concealments, placing barriers before us. But we know how to overcome all this, and not for the sake of winning like heroes jumping over all the obstacles. Overcoming means relating all the disturbances and burdening of the heart to the Creator and not asking to cancel them. Disturbances are those degrees that we must climb.

Every time a desire to receive grows, a problem appears as an invitation from the Creator to ascend and determine His uniqueness on the higher degree. Therefore, we live from problem to problem, from disappointment to disappointment, from fear to awe. But it is in this that we must see the benevolence of the Creator, who does not leave us, moving us forward.

This happens to all the people of Israel in general and to every single person advancing to one’s completely corrected state. It is during the descents that we have the opportunity to ask the Creator for help. It turns out that descents are states when the Creator invites a person to come closer precisely through overcoming confusions and disturbances intended to separate us from the Creator. If despite all the disturbances we declare that they come from the Creator in order for us to ask Him for help to rise above the disturbances toward even greater adhesion, then the disturbances turn into means for connection, into this glue with which we adhere to the Creator.

It turns out that disturbances were help, leading to a request in response to which a person received from the Creator the force of bestowal, faith above reason, above disturbances. Thus, one advanced. Therefore, our work consists of being joyful for the disturbances as an opportunity to ask the Creator to bring us closer to Him.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/24/19, “There is None Else Besides Him”
1 Minute 2:10

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