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My Thoughts On Twitter 9/10/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We completed the Russian-language congress in Moldova. It’s a great joy that the Creator gathered us at such a large gathering. We received more than I expected from the congress,. From here on, let us proceed forward, together, in the group.
I wish everyone a flight at great height! May you be loved and desired by the Creator!

When without any selfishness, having annulled my ego, I am ready to cling to the point of connection with the Creator—the vessel of bestowal starts to develop from that point. Everything that’s above the point of self-annulment will turn into Hassadim (mercy), bestowal. That is how I build the vessel of bestowal in which I will feel the light of Hochma for the sake of bestowal.

What matters most to me is for the friends to have desires that they are ready to give to me, so I will stitch them together, investing my efforts into this work. This work is the only thing I desire.

The ten is 10 people, each willing to give himself up in order to enter between the others to support them. He does not demand anything for himself, but only looks for a place of work. He then becomes a stitching thread that sews them together, and by that he delights the Creator.

Darkness helps us to not lose our minds from what we received in sensations and reason. The mind and heart do not act—only darkness works, helping us tremendously. Darkness is a new creation, the Creator begot darkness. Darkness aims us in the right direction and connects us to the Creator.

We feel darkness in the friends because we are different from one another. However, this isn’t darkness, but the reverse side of the light, aiming us toward the Creator. No ally is more loyal than darkness. Grab hold of it because only it will lead you to the truth.

All of one’s actions should be for bestowal and the benefit of the neighbor—this is the condition for man’s complete adhesion with the Creator. One must attune oneself only to bestowal, in order to exert a good influence, to contribute a positive force. We will then draw nearer to the Creator, feeling Him as a partner more and more.

If I include myself in the group and receive from it desires that are higher than my individual, egoistic ones, then I start to see constantly rising or upper worlds. All of my work for the environment is work for myself. That is how I elevate myself and grow.
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I have to be in a group that will help me change my desires to higher ones. I will then experience myself as lower and will therefore aspire to become higher, to rise and see higher and higher worlds. Every picture that I see is called “the world.”

My influence on the environment determines what I will receive from it, what the group will be like, what my world will be like, and what I will be like. The environment is what the Creator depicts for me. Every person has his own picture—we cannot combine or compare them. By influencing the environment, I thereby influence myself.

The whole world is my desire. In it I see precisely my state; this is my world. If I change my desires or qualities—the world that I imagine will change, and that means I must understand and take interest in the world’s correction, fulfill its needs, and pray for the world.

I annul what I consider egoistic in me—my “self,” and I accept from the Creator what He makes altruistic in me—His “self.” Thus:
1. I annul myself completely.
2. I accept the Creator’s qualities instead.
All of this happens in the group. I invite you to spiritual conception.

When one proceeds “with closed eyes” till the end—this is a spiritual embryo, with limited abilities, meaning “fury and judgements” since one proceeds contrary to one’s knowledge and feelings, overcoming fury and suffering.
Annul yourself to the upper one—and the upper one will make you into what He wishes.

In a state of confusion, one must come out of oneself and understand how to connect outside of oneself with others, until feeling a new reality there. The entire method is: how to come out of yourself to the friends. On the way to them, you will find the light. They come out to you, and you to them: that is how we reciprocally help one another.

The upper forces give us clues and flirt with us. Everything around us is fabricated by the Creator. We will see how He works inside us. There is nothing anywhere around. The reality we perceive is inside each one of us. Afterward we will understand that each one of us does not exist separately, but there is one common reality—the “Kli,” HaVaYaH.

If I feel lost, this is the Creator preparing me for my new state. I have to close my eyes and go toward connection with the friends. The Creator will resist, persuading me that there is nothing to be found there because they are the same as me, and possibly even worse.

The Creator broke us into parts and is between us. To reveal Him, we must connect to one another. To the extent of the pressure, intensity, and sensitivity of our unity and aspiration toward each other, we will start to feel the Creator. By developing love for the creatures we thereby develop love for the Creator.

Realization of evil is the realization that the entire system of Adam shattered into the tiniest fragments and egoism appeared between them. When we correct ourselves now, we don’t eradicate egoism, but create connections among us in spite of it, which are hence 620 stronger than they were before.

Think about how you will absorb the quality of bestowal, love, connection, movement toward it, in order to assemble the common system of Adam into one single whole. We already were assembled in that system once, but without egoism. Egoism entered afterward.
The Creator “created evil, but He created light for its correction.”
From Twitter, 9/10/19

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Uniqueness Of The Creator, Part 7

712.03The Method of Attainment, Undistorted by Egoism

Question: All theories of the management of nature are very diverse and are a combination of opposites. Is it in the combination of opposites, precisely between them, that the sensation of our world, or the Creator, is revealed?

Answer: No, I do not think so, because all these theories are egoistic. Man invented monotheism, polytheism, etc., based on his egoism without correcting it.

The only theory that has the right to exist is when a person exits himself, rising above himself, beginning to feel others instead of himself, feeling what happens inside the others, outside of himself. Then, one gets a truly objective impression of who one is, where one is, and what is around him. This “theory” is called “the method of Kabbalah,” which allows us to gain a correct impression of the universe, undistorted by our egoism.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/10/18

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Kabbalah And Psychology: Goals, Tools And Methods Of Attainment

Laitman_049.04Question: What is the difference between the goal, tools, and methods of attaining Kabbalah and psychology? For example, the purpose of the wisdom of Kabbalah is the revelation of the Creator to the created beings in this world.

Answer: If we want to develop a person as much as possible, to reveal and fill all his negative inner potential with something positive, then this is the revelation of the Creator in a person.

Psychology, however, studies behavior and mental processes of people and animals in order to make their lives more comfortable at the level of animalistic existence. If a person values only his animalistic body and is not above it in anything, then psychology can help him in some way.

We see in ourselves that most of our problems cannot be solved with the help of psychology. People visit a psychologist out of the inability to calm down and adjust themselves in any other way. They do not want to take any calming drugs, but they have a special kind of attitude to life when they need calming talks.

Question: Psychology is based on a person’s work with his consciousness, subconscious, and a method of convincing oneself that everything will be alright. What is different about the tools of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: In Kabbalah we only examine what we need to change, and then we draw the forces inherent in the sources upon ourselves. These books in Kabbalah are a necessary means of advancement. There is no such thing in psychology.

Question: The third thing is the difference in the methods of attainment. What is the difference between the group method in Kabbalah and in psychology?

Answer: The fact is that the method of attainment itself is absolutely opposite. In Kabbalah, the group is necessary in order for me to completely connect with it, merge with and enter into the friends, melt in them, and depict the group, not myself, as one single whole.

Then in this group, I will discover the general force, which connects us. It was in it even before, but I could not identify it, and now I reveal it precisely in our complete connection. This force is called “the Creator.”

Yet, psychology does not pursue such goals. It is directed to working in a group only in order for a person to get rid of the hindering fears, habits, and all sorts of restrictions.

Question: What happens in Kabbalah?

Answer: I dissolve myself in the group. I want, as they say, to disappear in it. I want the group to become my self. This is an exit to a completely different level of thinking and feeling.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/13/18

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New Life 1148 – How To Arouse Love In Couple Relationships

New Life 1148 – How To Arouse Love In Couple Relationships
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Couples need to learn how to build, inspire, and revive their love relationships by rising above egoism. We need to learn how to understand our egoistic human nature and why we cannot tolerate one another. Couples who want to undergo such a process need guidance in a group course where participants show each other how much they try to rise above their own desires for the benefit of their partner. Love is like an animal and must be constantly fed. Rising above egoism opens new horizons according to the principle, “love will cover all transgressions.”
From KabTV’s “New Life 1148 – How To Arouse Love In Couple Relationships,” 8/1/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 9/10/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “There is None Else Besides Him” 

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