Uniqueness Of The Creator, Part 7

712.03The Method of Attainment, Undistorted by Egoism

Question: All theories of the management of nature are very diverse and are a combination of opposites. Is it in the combination of opposites, precisely between them, that the sensation of our world, or the Creator, is revealed?

Answer: No, I do not think so, because all these theories are egoistic. Man invented monotheism, polytheism, etc., based on his egoism without correcting it.

The only theory that has the right to exist is when a person exits himself, rising above himself, beginning to feel others instead of himself, feeling what happens inside the others, outside of himself. Then, one gets a truly objective impression of who one is, where one is, and what is around him. This “theory” is called “the method of Kabbalah,” which allows us to gain a correct impression of the universe, undistorted by our egoism.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/10/18

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