Uniqueness Of The Creator, Part 5

laitman_938.07How to Feel the Creator

Kabbalah offers the following to a person: If you want to feel the upper force, you must enter into a group of like-minded people and begin to dissolve inside it. By preferring the opinions and desires of the collective to your own, no matter what they are, by clearly changing your opinions and desires to theirs, you will begin to feel how you are getting “outside yourself.” At the same time, it is clear to you that you enter into others, but you cannot act otherwise. You have to get outside and get into something.

Exiting oneself is the first stage of attaining the Creator. It is called the restriction of egoism. I must restrict myself in order to begin to feel others instead of myself.

To the extent that I do this, I begin to feel a completely different world, different connections between people and objects. I feel the existence of the general force of bestowal and love that connects them together.

I begin to feel all people as puppets who are absolutely clearly operated by the upper force in relation to me, and this is how I myself am also operated in relation to myself, to them, and to the upper force.

All this continues until in exactly in such a way—in small steps, with my own  realization—I accumulate sensations and knowledge about this upper force, which permeates me, connects me with others, and enables me to act outside of myself for the sake of this group of people or even this general power, the Creator, that is manifested in them. This is how I progress and study this phenomenon.

This feeling is called “the upper world.” The power of bestowal and love that exists, governs, and holds all this, including myself, is called “the Creator.”
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/10/18

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