“Are The Amazon Fires A Problem For The Entire Earth?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Are the Amazon fires a problem for the entire Earth?

We need to see the whole of nature as an integral system. That is, there is a current focus on the Amazon fires, but there is an entanglement of environmental problems including ocean and air pollution, ozone depletion, outbreaks of natural disasters from volcanic eruptions through to earthquakes and hurricanes, not mentioning many others, and they are all influenced by the person, who according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, is a small world.

Therefore, when we reach states where we become internally organized, i.e., when our attitudes to each other become balanced and positive, then we will also experience positive phenomena from the outside, i.e. from nature.

We do not cause environmental problems with our hands. We cause them with our lack of inner correction. By letting our divisive egoistic drives cause us to harm each other, we invite upon us a negative response from nature. Also, the more we develop without correcting our attitudes to each other, the more we will draw to ourselves increasingly severe reactions from nature.

The time has come for us to reach connection among all people as in an integral system. We witness mammoth-scale problems in nature, and we’re unaware of how we cause such phenomena from the point of our attitudes to each other.

Many people, world leaders among them, think that by implementing actions toward nature, like cleaning garbage from the oceans, lessening air pollution or reducing the use of fossil fuels, we will have some kind of positive impact on nature. However, it’s not the case. Politicians especially only use such pleasant rhetoric for the purpose of their own self-promotion.

Nothing we do outside of changing our attitudes to each other will help us. Moreover, the more efforts we apply to fix things externally without undergoing an inner change, the more harm we will bring about. Why? It is because the world would continue developing by not dealing with the cause of all these problems: that we need to correct ourselves by upgrading our attitudes to each other—from egoistic to altruistic, divided to connected, and self-centered benefit to benefiting the whole of humanity. By doing so, we will see a positive response back to us from nature.

The inner change of our attitudes to each other is what nature demands of us. Note that according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, “Nature” and “God” are synonymous (they share the same number in Gematria—the Kabbalistic number system). We need to become integral in our awareness, to understand the system we’re in, the need to resemble the system of nature, and adapt ourselves to it.

Through our adaptation to nature, nature would calm down and become balanced.

Complementarity and wholeness would abound on all of nature’s levels—still, vegetative, animate and human—and we would experience harmony and perfection as a result.

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