Uniqueness Of The Creator, Part 6

laitman_938.05Attainment Is in Mutual Connection

Question: In our world there is a spectrum of all sorts of feelings, for example, friendship or love. But in order to feel them, there must be someone else. I cannot feel love or friendship if there is no one besides myself. The same is true about the Creator. Is it the force that is felt in the right connection between other people?

Answer: Of course, it is felt on some material. I need interaction with other people, with a group.

Question: Is the Creator an abstract form that is impossible to be felt if it is not dressed in some material?

Answer: Yes. The Creator appears to me as a group of people who are connected by mutual love and mutual support. Then, the force that exists among them, not in each of them, but among them, can be called “the Creator.”

Question: Does it mean that the power of love does not exist outside the connection of several people?

Answer: Right. It does not exist.

Question: Kabbalah says that the essence of the Creator is unattainable as is the essence of all objects and phenomena in our world. What does “His essence is unattainable” mean?

Answer: It is connected with the method of attainment. In fact, we do not attain anything as the “thing in itself,” but we can only attain something from our attitude to it.

The gradual accumulation of positive or negative impressions that deter me or bring me closer to different objects that are supposedly outside of me, by integrating into me, enable me to feel how I build my organ of perception.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/10/18

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