My Thoughts On Twitter 9/8/19

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Gathering together the fragments of the mosaic of your Soul into one whole, you glue them together, draw closer to them, and attach them to the force of the Creator. The Creator is like glue, the power of correction. It fills the connecting parts together since the circulation of His force is already possible between them, the force of love.

Do you want to assemble your soul? You need a force that will glue you to others. This force is unnatural, opposed to your egoistic nature. By attracting it, you assemble your soul and draw the Creator in—you have to engage Him. Thus you come to connect and to need Him.

Egoism is the upper force, the only thing we have. We cannot revoke it because then we would be revoking our nature. We do not eradicate egoism—we use it! So that in spite of it and above it, we will create a greater connection than the one that existed prior to Adam’s breakage.
Don’t get angry at your egoism. Don’t curse it, try to neutralize, destroy or annul it. Rather, above it, try to create one more layer, like in a sandwich, which egoism will turn into the quality opposite to it—altruism, connection between us.
From Twitter, 9/8/19

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