Learn To Live in The Future

laitman_939.01Question: How do we learn to live not in the present?

Answer: We never live in the present. Even if I say that now I want something, it means that I already want something that might be realized in a future moment. We always exist as if in the future.

How can we learn to live in the future? We should just create it.

The spiritual future is created by a greater connection between us. The stronger it is, the faster we reach the following spiritual states. We need to think about it.

If we mainly deal with this and with all earthly problems only to the extent it is necessary, then we will suddenly feel that from that spiritual state to which we wish to advance, we also provide ourselves with material things because the upper Light will shine upon us in corporeality too.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 04/28/19

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