Live Not In The Past, But In Anticipation Of The Future

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we ascend anew to the level of connection we had at the Arava Convention? How can we make sure that our work is direct, without any questions?

Answer: Everything depends on our intention, on whether every second, no matter what I may be saying, doing, or hearing, I think about greater closeness, unification, and the creation of a common feeling within where the Creator, the Light, will be clarified.

It’s like a person who has either a great problem or great joy. Suppose that a very pleasant encounter awaits me in the evening such as a dinner with people dear to my heart or some special event. During the day, I have to work, interact with co-workers, and solve problems, but I abide all day in anticipation of what is to come at night. Alongside the problems and concerns that I deal with every minute, I’m absorbed in the thought that in the evening, something wonderful and pleasant awaits me. I have two thoughts!

The same thing happens here. We can be interacting or doing anything. We purposely close off from everyone in order to ensure a maximum possible concentration of intention between us. This intention should be constant. Whatever we are listening to, doing, or saying, we have to constantly feel tension, seek and strive toward the sensation of oneness between us, the connection in which the Creator has to manifest Himself. This is what we need to do.

Secondly, you said that we felt it in our past unification in the desert. I don’t want to remember that; it was in the past. Right now, I want to ascend and feel a completely new next state. I don’t want to return to the past or even think about it. Each time, I stand before something completely new, and this new state will be better and deeper than the past one. This is the only way we should think.

Therefore, don’t try to awaken former feelings within you; they will only cause harm. Don’t live in the past!

Our next actions should be directed toward coming closer practically and at creating a new sensory organ. This should be much stronger, much more evident and clear than what we had in the desert or in other places.

Together with all our friends around the world, we should feel that we are ascending collectively, developing within us a new sense organ and building the conditions for sensing Him. We will feel Him. It is just around the corner, it already exists within us. Only a little bit more, and He will begin to manifest Himself.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 1 

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  1. Awesome!

  2. How should I discern between going to at least one convention to have the feeling of the connection and the advancement it brings me and to not remember the past feelings of going to a convention and the feelings I have from it?

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