Kabbalah And Beliefs, Part 3

laitman_284.03Comment: In Kabbalah, one must attain, feel, the Creator, and not just believe in Him. There are practically no methods that say that you must reach the level of the Creator and only then can you understand His goal and His attitude toward you.

Answer: There is a big confusion between Kabbalah and other methodologies regarding beliefs and attainment because the other methods practice blind faith: I agree with a certain postulate, thus, for me it becomes the truth.

Kabbalah doesn’t practice that. Nothing is taken on faith. Everything is attained. It is explained in a very interesting sentence: “The judge has only what his eyes can see.” It means that eyesight is the most precise and important organ of perception of reality. Therefore, what you see is considered the  truth. This is the only thing that can be relied on, everything else can be disregarded.

Also, in our world, the court witnesses are asked: “Did you see?” “No, I heard.” “Having heard” is not proof. If you saw it, which is thoroughly investigated under cross examination, such testimony is accepted as the truth.

Question: What does “seeing and hearing the Creator” mean?

Answer: Attainment of the Creator, as it is in our world, happens in sounds and pictures. The sounds, as in “I’ve heard the voice.” In addition, I saw a vision, which is considered as fully reliable proof.

Question: So, to see or to hear the Creator are different levels of attainment? But is this talking about seeing with our own eyes?

Answer: No. We’re discussing inner vision and hearing, which have no connection with our corporeal organs of perception. Vision is attainment in the light of Hochma, and hearing, in the light of Hassadim.

Seeing the Creator is the most profound level of attainment, understanding, and feeling. While hearing is a much lower level, it is still an attainment.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/17/18

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