Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 4/28/19

Laitman_507.04Question: Is the depth of the connection with the Creator determined by recognizing my insignificance?

Answer: The depth of connection with the Creator is not determined only through this parameter. You are basing this assumption on: “For the Lord is high but He sees the lowly, and He chastises the haughty from afar.” (Psalms: 138:6). But what does “lowly” mean? It is not necessary to reduce yourself; rather, it is necessary to elevate the Creator. So, you elevate Him and ascend after Him; this is the most important thing.

Question: We are building a path between the future and the present. Does it depend on our efforts whether this path will be a thief (egoism) or a helper?

Answer: Of course it depends on us. The answer is hidden in the question itself. How must we act so that egoism will disappear? Only to the extent of our unity. The thief, meaning egoism, comes between us and does not make it possible to be completely connected with each other. This is where we begin to lose, falling into its hands.

Question: In military units where people train around the clock, work, and fight, there is always a very strong connection. Do they also have a higher illumination? How is that connection established?

Answer: No, it is nothing like that. There is no reason for them to somehow enter the upper world. They are not building a system of themselves in order to resemble the Creator.

Question: Can there be unconscious merging and attainment of unique states?

Answer: No. Nothing happens by chance.

Question: Sometimes I see that it is not worthwhile to do something in the present because it could cause unpleasantness in the future, but I cannot stop myself. What does a Kabbalist do? How does he stop himself?

Answer: A Kabbalist does not stop anything. In his own way, he does what is necessary to direct the entire world toward correction.

Question: What state are we in when we are asleep?

Answer: You are in a beastly state. There is nothing else.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/28/19

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