Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 4/7/19

laitman_962.1Question: How do we pay for the quality of bestowal and the discovery of the Creator?

Answer: We pay for it with patience and with very great diligence, which is not easy. There is nothing in the whole world that is just given, freely, all the more so spiritual fulfillment, the discovery of the upper world.

The main thing is intention within a group. If you create a group and direct it to resonate correctly with the upper world, you will immediately begin to feel it.

Question: What is at the foundation of a request when a ten turns to the Creator? Is it a deficiency or is it still the greatness of the Creator?

Answer: It is the greatness of the Creator. It will draw you forward, directly toward the goal.
From a Virtual Lesson, 04/07/19

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