The Creator Depicts Your Picture Of The World

laitman_617My influence on the environment determines what I receive from it, what the group will be, what my world will be, and what I will be. We need to understand that the environment is what the Creator depicts for me and is not something fixed. Each of us has one’s own picture, and we cannot combine, add, assemble, compare, and match these pictures because they are completely individual. Therefore, by influencing the environment, I influence myself.

Each person should say “The whole world was created only for me,” which means I must understand and constantly care about the correction of the world, satisfy its requirements, and pray for the world. The whole world is my desire in which I see specifically my own state, and that is my world. If I change my desires, my qualities, then the world that I imagine will also change.

However, in order to change my desires correctly, selectively, through my own choice, I must be in a group that will help me change my desires to ever higher ones. Then I will feel myself lower and lower, and therefore I will yearn to become higher and higher in order to rise and see higher and higher worlds. Each image I see is called a world.

The ability to see constant ascension,, that is, the upper worlds, is achieved by inclusion in the group and by receiving desires higher than my individual, egoistic desires from it. All my work for the environment is, in fact, work for myself. In this way, I raise myself and grow.

So when a person says “The whole world is created only for me,” it is really so. Yet, it is not in order for one to receive the whole world, but to correct oneself and to elevate the world that he or she senses to the highest level, to the world in which there is only the Creator. One will feel this world in the group, in the ten, thereby coming to an absolutely clear perception of the world as HaVaYaH—the ten, ten Sefirot in which the Creator is revealed in all His power.1

One who wishes to achieve equivalence of form with the Creator must not think whether he is in control. There should be no such questions on the horizon; after all, the Creator does not think about it. There is no greater disparity of form than when a person worries about his influence on the world, on the group. He should detach himself from such concerns and give all this to the Creator. Therefore, anyone who thinks about his own control over himself and the group is without doubt separated from the Creator and will never achieve equivalence of form with Him.

All the actions of a person should be directed to the adhesion with the Creator, meaning to bestowal and benefit to others, which is the condition for complete adhesion with the Creator. One should try to disconnect his own “I” from any interference in himself and in the world and shift himself only to bestowal in order to help, to give, to influence in a good way, to bring positive force, and nothing more. Then we will get closer to the Creator, feeling Him more and more as our partner.2
From the Convention In Moldova “Day One” 9/6/19, “How Can I Affect the Society,” Lesson 31 Minute 00:00

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