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By establishing connections between us, helping each other, we enliven the system of Adam Rishon—the common soul starts to work and breathe. We will feel our dependence on each other and the obligation to care for everyone. This is a new stage of the work, when each individual Kli can grow correctly.

Through the common system, we will feel a stronger manifestation of the upper force: how it directs us and works on us. While remaining in our ten, we must start caring for all the groups, for the common spiritual Kli, the system of the common soul of Adam. The Creator will be revealed in it.

The era of personal development is over, when a separate soul was able to ascend. None of the groups is able to grow individually. All of a group’s development and strength of spirit, starting from this time on, will depend on the awakening of the common Kli. This is the call of the times.

Improving the world group, strengthening, expanding ties between all the groups, overcoming and rising above everything that separates us, covering with love—depends on the growth of a large common connection. This is the reason everyone will correctly advance on their own spiritual path.

Everyone must annul before others to achieve connection, but doing so he does not cancel his individuality, his character or strength. He has to display his given unique desire to unite and become an example, so that everyone becomes an example. This is how common unity is achieved

Everyone must advance for the sake of common unity. Each person should care to help others show their uniqueness to the fullest, for all the qualities to come through as distinct, vibrant, flaming, portraying all the differences and connections between them. Our differences grow in the measure of the development of our connection.

It is important to awaken all the groups and individuals in Europe so that everyone feels that they are an important, vibrant part of the European system. Otherwise, it is impossible to create a common spiritual vessel (Kli). The soul of Adam Rishon is a common body with many qualities, none of which can be neglected.
From Twitter, 9/24/19

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