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I do not have forms in me by which I connect to other groups into one Kli. If, despite the rejection, we make efforts and turn to the Creator, He finishes this work for us. This is the preparation to the Bulgarian Congress, when prayer will become part of the congress.

We want to imagine the Kabbalistic groups across the whole world as one group and care for everyone equally, rising to the common soul of all humanity, all of Babylon, in order to correct our perception and see reality through the Creator’s eyes, in an integral, common form.

To see reality through the Creator’s eyes, we need glasses through which we can see the soul in each one and in everyone together as one whole. We must try to think of the common soul, of all our groups, in order to step over the differences between us to correct the breaking.

We keep adding the pixels to the general picture, gaining new inner sensations. Due to the inflow of new feelings, the picture keeps expanding. Each pixel is a link within the world Kli, as the shape of the large vessel, “Man”—Adam, begins to come through.

We have to build a new Kli. During any contact, we must understand that we connect to the common Kli, to a certain area of the common soul. Any connection in the ten is a connection to the whole world Kli as with a single whole.
By connecting to Europe, I influence the connection with South America.

To increase the desire of the ten to the size of the space for the Creator’s revelation is only possible through connection with each other. The entire area is broken into pixels which cannot be altered. We can only increase the number of the pixels and thereby make the picture clearer.
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We add one small rectangle after another. But to complete all of the rectangles till a smooth curve, to measure the entire area when we have no possibility of attaining the real, integral picture with our “square” thinking—we are aided by the Creator, who adds what is missing.

In calculating an integral, a constant is added to the sum of rectangles—likewise, in our work, this addition supplements the unaccounted for angles, which we were unable to encompass with our discrete breakage. This is called: The Creator will finish this work for us.

The network of connections is called a human, Adam. The more connections the individual, separated points can establish among them and the more pathways they can extend, the more they build the common connecting system called Man. Adam is the result of their efforts.

Through action, we reveal a network of ties between us, i.e., the common soul, Adam Rishon, the structure of #connections. As if I am looking at a map and seeing a network of roads connecting cities. Such connection exists between all of us, and not just in three, but in an infinite number of dimensions.

The Creator broke up the integral picture of the world and made it disconnected, so that through separate actions we could come to the common complete form. We are incapable of such generalization, but each of our individual actions, with all their limitations brings us closer to the full picture.

Every particular exists only in order to point at the whole. Every individuality is needed only to unite with the whole or to come out of it and by that, to teach us to perceive the common whole.
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From Twitter, 9/18/19

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