My Thoughts On Twitter 9/17/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

I see the world as separate pixels in a “black and white picture.” The more pixels I distinguish, shapes, colors—the sharper, deeper my perception across all the axis: past-present-future and I-the Creator-common soul. But all this is still in a binary form: the light-dark contrast.

We will become a single Kli, the way it was before the breakage, all due to the infinite number of “screens.” The attitude toward the desire to enjoy will become so corrected that we will achieve an integral constant connection.
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We need to have such a connection between us as if there are no barriers. Our connecting pipes (made of desire to receive, restriction, screen, and the Reflected light) should fill the whole space, as if the waves of the sea were between us, connecting us without any barriers.

If I annul myself, removing the difference between darkness and light, wishing for darkness to become reflective of my new desire armed with restriction, screen, and the Reflected light—I come to perceive the Upper reality, feeling it as the Creator.
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From Twitter, 9/17/19

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