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All evil in the world is due to the fact that the head is not organized correctly. All the good that still exists in the world comes from the Creator as an advance. Israel is a tainted head between the Creator and the nations of the world. Thus, we receive blows from the Creator and from the world nations.

Israel must unite with the intention of “connecting the body, the nations of the world, with the Upper force through its correction.” This is the purpose of our existence. We are only an adapter, a connecting link between the Creator and the nations of the world.
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First of all, you need to correct the head so that there is unity in it: right thoughts and good decisions. Then the head will influence the body according to the desire of the Upper, the Creator: it will tie the body to itself and act together, as a whole body in full height.

If one decides to fast, his body suffers. The body does not understand why it should suffer, and is perplexed. So do the nations of the world suffer from all kinds of problems, climatic anomalies, and other hardships, and do not understand why they befall them.
They don’t determine anything.
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Israel—“a Head for Me” (Li-Rosh), by correcting itself, it corrects the whole body of the common soul, i.e., all other nations. Correction of the body is the main goal. It cannot correct itself but only through correction of Israel, the head. The spiritual body of Israel exists only for connection with the nations of the world.

It is impossible to negotiate with the enemy! People who work with adversaries begin to think like adversaries. And they become susceptible to the ideology of the enemy …
From Twitter, 9/13/19

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