Uniqueness Of The Creator, Part 10

laitman_938.03Consequence of the Influence of the Upper Light

Question: I exist in some capacity and does the upper force constantly affect me? Can I call it upon myself?

Answer: Of course. But only to the extent that you are in the right environment. Through this environment you can invoke the upper force, and in no other way.

You can enter integration, mutual communication, with it only if you try to unite with the kind of people who have the same goal: to achieve some sort of equivalence with the light. Then, if you make small movements toward this, the light immediately changes in its movement toward you and moves you toward itself.

Question: How can I feel it? How will it be expressed?

Answer: It will be expressed in you beginning to love others more, appreciating and understanding that they are necessary for your development. But this is still egoistic.

Question: Is this called a “sensation of the Creator”?

Answer: No, this is not yet a sensation of the Creator. This is a consequence of the impact of the upper light. Other changes will then slowly occur—your birth in the spiritual world, in the quality of light.

Remark: To love others, to treat them kindly is good. But for me the “sensation of the Creator” is something that infinitely fills me.

My Comment: This is true, but it happens in accordance with your attitude toward others!

Remark: You narrow everything down to some kind of relationship…

My Comment: I narrow this down absolutely clearly and concretely. Kabbalah is a concrete and practical science. Therefore, in no case do I want to confuse my listeners.

Kabbalah does not say a word about anything abstract. Only in a group can you master it and make sure that it is right.

Question: Is the group just a means?

Answer: Yes, and then it becomes the source of correction, a technique, and the goal. In the group, as in a spiritual Partzuf, in the soul, the Creator is revealed.

Question: What gives a person a sense of the Creator?

Answer: One passes into another state, into another world, into another dimension. A person begins to understand what happened to him throughout his life, and where this leads him. One parts with one’s ideas about life and death, and does not fear death. A person becomes immortal. One understands everything that happens. A person becomes driven solely by one thing: how to help everyone else achieve the same state.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah”, 12/10/18

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