Uniqueness Of The Creator, Part 8

laitman_744What is Perception of Reality Made of?

Question: The purpose of nature is to develop all its parts to the state of polar opposites and then combine them. Why is this so? What is the meaning of such development?

Answer: Only in this way do we reveal everything. Our attainment consists of differentiation and integration of all parts of what we observe.

Remark: We see that our nature, our desire to receive, is constantly evolving, becoming more powerful, more egoistic.

My Comment: In the same way, the ability to integrate this, to capture the interconnection between all parts, is developing in us. This is what our perception of reality consists of.

But the next Kabbalistic awareness of reality is that there is no reality as such. We only project our inner properties onto the upper light, and we feel and consider this picture, which we ourselves create with our feelings, as the world in which we exist.

Question: “Upper Light” is a new term. Why do Kabbalists in their sources use it instead of the concept of “Creator”?

Answer: The Creator/Upper Light is a property of bestowal and love, and therefore, we associate it with the light of the sun, the light of the mind, with something higher.

Against the background of the upper light, the properties of bestowal and love, all our egoistic desires paint a three-dimensional, living picture of this world. But actually it doesn’t exist. I only observe my internal properties.

Therefore, to the extent that I am moving closer and closer to the properties of the upper light, this world dissolves and becomes more and more elusive, until I find myself in absolute light.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah” 12/10/18

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