Love Is The Fulfillment Of Others’ Desires

Laitman_138Question: Why do Kabbalists constantly use the word “love”?

Answer: Our matter and the matter of all nature is desire. Love is mutual satisfaction, when I satisfy your desires and you satisfy mine, and only thanks to this state do our pluses and minuses become connected, and we turn into one single spiritual body, into one single desire.

Question: If instead of “love,” I say “the force of attraction,” is this correct?

Answer: Say “the force of gravity, unity, or connection.”

Remark: After all, the phrases “love of one’s neighbor” and “love your neighbor as yourself” are so overused and confuse us so much.

My Comment: I understand. I remember I also stumbled on this. Now I cannot imagine some carnal attraction as a synonym for love. After all, these are animal instincts.

Question: The method of Kabbalah consists of establishing the correct connection between people. Through this, as Baal HaSulam writes, we invoke energy from the states we were previously in. The energy begins to affect us and bring us together in the same way that molecules once came together. Only their rapprochement was unconscious, and we must do everything consciously.

What is this action of drawing closer to other people? What should we do?

Answer: We should perceive the desires of other people and try to fill them, and they must do the same with your desires.

Perhaps, we will somehow be able to feel the desires of others, although it is very difficult. We have no idea how to actually do this. If we want to fill them, we will begin to feel how much our egoism counteracts this. We will then have to fight with ourselves, put ourselves below others, and this is already a spiritual action.

Question: How will I fulfill the desires of others if I cannot even fill my own desires?

Answer: You do not have to. Leave your desires alone and fill others’. Then you will see that only in this way you can fill yourself.

Question: But they have a lot of desires, won’t I only be busy filling them all day long.

Answer: It means you will be busy filling yourself all day. Only through others can you fill yourself. That is why humanity is becoming more and more devastated.

Remark: Yes, but I do not feel that way. I do not enjoy filling them. Only if I love someone, then, yes.

My Comment: Therefore, you must demand that you have love for them. This is already above your egoism.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 12/11/18

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