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Former #fundamentalists, #nationalists, unwilling to talk to anyone who differs from them in the slightest, will suddenly change. The Upper light will change everything. As it now intensifies the darkness, so will it also correct it. The main thing is for us to become a conducting channel for Him—this is our work.
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#Europeans will understand that the key to achieving unity is in the integral method of connection, covering all crimes with love, with the help of the Upper force, as taught by Kabbalah. The only way to unite is to create such conditions where the Upper force can act on us through #Israel, as through a channel of connection.

#Europe will feel powerless, with no way out. We must provide a solution. It is important for all our Kabbalistic groups to unite. We will bring the light of unity to Europe. Contradictions will subside, opinions, thoughts, and desires will change. Everything will be resolved in thought, for thoughts will suddenly become new.

50 years ago the situation with the #refugees was unimaginable—Europeans guarded every nation’s uniqueness, there were firm borders. According to the Upper program, everyone must reveal the breakage they are in. The way to reveal the necessity for correction is to bring a foreign force into it.
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How can the European nations achieve unity with this staggering number of #refugees? Refugees only help the European nations understand that unity must come above all differences. We must see the wave of refugees as sent by the Upper force—destruction for the sake of correction.

There will be many problems and wrongs on the way to the goal—above it all, without despair or retreat, strengthening and uniting more and more, we need to build an opposite state, love. This is how the world is made and how it must be corrected. Only this way will perfection be revealed.
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The force that reinforces the nation depends on its ability to unite, i.e., become like the Upper force, which is oneness. Such a nation can overcome any difficulties for they manifest as breaks and imperfections in it that require correction. #Israel

A prerequisite for every nation is a strong internal bond and instinctive love. Those who remain in this state of harmony are the ones who make up the #nation, giving it the right to happiness and existence. (Baal HaSulam, newspaper The Nation)
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From Twitter, 9/16/19

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