Is Dialogue With The Upper Worlds Possible?

laitman_551Question: You say that there is nothing other than the person. Reality is in the person and everything happens within him. He does not see anything in this world except for himself. Everything that happens around me is me, pictures inside of me.

In what form does the dialogue exist between the external worlds, including the upper worlds, and humanity?

Answer: Humanity is an egoistic mass that desires at each moment of time to receive selfish fulfillment.

Through the method of two opposing influences, give and take, the upper Light gradually develops humanity in different sensations and directions in order to give it the greatest possibility of perceiving the Creator. For now, humanity is in such overturns.

Question: Is this called a dialogue with the Creator?

Answer: There is no question of any dialogue here. When you work on a desire, you automatically know its result.

The higher force has no secrets. It is known in advance: If I act this way, I will get this as a result; if I act in another way, I will get a different result. Thus, humanity had to be carried through millions of years of development so that it finally realized: “Why are we being stimulated?”—In order to lead to a certain reaction.

Question: To what extent does a person’s and humanity’s past affect the dialogue between us and the upper worlds?

Answer: It all overlaps. Therefore, we do not need to know the past: not paleontology, nor history, etc. We need to know at each moment of time how we can define the Creator through the group.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/18

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