To Feel The World Outside of Yourself

Laitman_931.02Question: On one hand, there is the principle “The judge has only what his eyes see.” On the other hand, it is said that there is nothing around us except the white Light that fills everything. How can we reconcile these two principles?

Answer: If you want to understand this, stick to a very simple principle: using the methodology of Kabbalah, unite in groups and try to feel the others. You will begin to feel the spiritual world in them.

Suppose I feel only myself now. If I exit from my own feelings and begin to sense my friends from within, if I perform a restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph) on the desires “for self alone” and enter the quality of bestowal, then I will feel each friend as a spiritual being, a Sefira. All of them together will feel like a Partzuf that is filled with Light, called the Creator.

Together, the Light, the Creator, and the totality of the Sefirot—everything except my animal “I”—will be called a soul. It turns out that together with my friends, I create my soul and each of them does so in relation to the others.

Question: What will I see in a state of “outside myself”?

Answer: You will see the forces that govern the entire universe acting through a multitude of higher laws—their beginning, process, effect, and conclusion. This understanding permeates your desire, fulfilling it. You perceive this fulfillment as the most enormous, highest pleasure of your eternal existence.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/10/17

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