“To Kill The Egyptian” In You

laitman_740.02Question: Why did Moses kill the Egyptian? What does it mean?

Answer: Moses killed the Egyptian in himself. We discuss what happens in one person. Who are Pharaoh, Moses, and all the positive and negative characters in the Torah, including the Creator? I do not know who they are and what this really is.

I know that this is revealed inside of me—even my special internal property called “the Creator”—because it is not outside at all.

Therefore, it is written that the Torah is studied in one body, inside a person, and there is nothing else. That is why “he killed the Egyptian” means that Moses reached a state in which he conquered his evil inclination, and from that moment he began to resist Pharaoh. Pharaoh thus sent his forces in search of Moses to kill him.

“The Egyptian” is Pharaoh’s private force. Therefore, when Moses killed the Egyptian in himself, that is, this desire ceased to work for the sake of receiving, he corrected it with the intention to bestow, and then Moses became Pharaoh’s enemy. A person then feels how his common egoism opposes his path and doesn’t let him advance. Therefore, he does not know what to do and he has only one solution—to run away. And then Moses escapes to Jethro.
From the conversation in Iceland 5/23/18

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