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My Thoughts On Twitter 10/24/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

I met with Joshua Goldstein, Chairman of the US Division of Herut North America, to discuss the origins of anti-Semitism and the essence of being Jewish.

Over the centuries, this principle faded and was replaced by the physical performance of the traditions. From this point, Jews lost the true sense of their identity, and now, the only way for them to become “as one man with one heart” again …
…. is to make conscious efforts leading to that unity. If they do, they will build a perfect society, and the entire world will benefit from it.

The name “Jews” come from the word for “united” (“Yehudi”). It means that the main feature of a perfectly functioning Jewish society is unity. This is not communism, where everyone is supposed to be equal. Rather, it is a mosaic, which is more beautiful the more different pieces
… it includes. It sounds beautiful, but what we see now is that it is impossible for Jews to unite other than before some kind of serious threat.
The problem lies in the roots of the Jewish identity. Jews originated in ancient Babylon. They appeared as a group of representatives of the 70 nations of ancient Babylon who agreed to follow Abraham’s teaching.
Regardless of their differences, they united around the principle “love will cover all transgressions,” meaning that building good and loving relations between people covers the destructive and disintegrating power of the human ego.
From Twitter, 10/24/19

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Why Is It Necessary For Jews To Unite?

Joshua Goldstein, Chairman of the US Division of Herut North America, meets with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman to discuss the origins of anti-Semitism and its role in directing Jews toward unity.

Realize You Are Immersed In Egoism, The Opposite Of Bestowal

laitman_962.4How did it happen that Adam HaRishon made a mistake and sinned? It was arranged from above by giving him incorrect data. How can the product of the Creator’s work sin? It means that the Creator arranged it for him because there must be the shattering so that he understands who he is and what his correction depends on. We call this a mistake, a sin, according to spiritual definitions. However, Adam HaRishon could not make a mistake because it is a system. The system had to shatter to reveal the difference between the Creator and the created beings.

There were two shatterings: the first time in the world of Nekudim, in the worlds, in the external system, in the “shell,” and then in Adam HaRishon himself. Now they correspond to each other, both are shattered. Therefore, a person begins the correction through the world, and the world is corrected through a person. Thus, through reciprocal influence, they correct each other, helping one another.

Without the shattering, there is no Adam, no created being. Only after the shattering does the created being appear, capable of realizing how much it is immersed in egoism, which is opposite to bestowal. Without the shattering, there is no contradiction and there is no scrutiny. Wholeness is absolutely impossible without the previous shattering.1
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 65

1 Minute 14:37

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Rabash Opens The Way For Us

laitman_962.4Baal Hasulam, Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot: Therefore, come and see how grateful we should be to our teachers, who impart us their sacred Lights and dedicate their souls to do good to our souls. They stand in the middle between the path of harsh torments and the path of repentance. They save us from the netherworld, which is harder than death, and accustom us to reach the heavenly pleasures, the sublime gentleness and the pleasantness that is our share, ready and waiting for us from the very beginning, as we have said above. Each of them operates in his generation, according to the power of the Light of his Torah and sanctity.

Our sages have already said, “You have not a generation without such as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”

On the memorial day of the great Kabbalist, our teacher Rabash, we do not indulge in memories and do not grieve about his passing as is customary in the corporeal world, which is far from the truth. We perceive this day as an opportunity to connect even more strongly, to cleave, to get closer to our root.

Rabash is the revelation of the Creator to us in a certain form and with a certain strength.

We want to thank the Creator for sending us such a messenger through whom He opened up the possibility for us to approach the upper force, to correct ourselves, and bring ourselves into resemblance with the Creator. Through Rabash, we attach ourselves to the Creator because he is an intermediary step between us and the Creator. Due to Rabash, we exist spiritually, and through Rabash, we receive everything necessary for our spiritual ascent.

Rabash is revealed to us as a system connecting us to the Creator through which we can realize ourselves and approach the truth. Therefore, we do not recall the external image of a person and his earthly habits, but consider him first and foremost as a special revelation of the Creator who manifested Himself in this form to us. The more we honor Rabash, the more we approach the Creator, cherishing the special revelation that the Creator made through him. Thus, the higher force called “Rabash” becomes important for us, connecting us with the Creator, and bringing us closer to Him.

To some extent, this revelation of the Creator manifested itself in an external form and then disappeared. Despite this external disappearance, this purification, we need to purify ourselves and reach a connection with Rabash, with this spiritual root as our higher level, through which we can connect with the Creator.

The Creator acts through special souls upon a certain number of lower souls. It is as if the brain sends an order to some important organ so that it sends out signals to various bodily cells under its control, guiding their behavior. Rabash, Baal HaSulam’s successor in our generation, has become a turning point for us, a source of a modern practical method of spiritual ascent.

Therefore, we need to understand the loftiness of this gift we were given: the opportunity to contact him, to absorb from him the method suitable for our time, and to realize it.

How grateful should we be to our teacher Rabash whose soul, his part of reality, was so great that it was able to form and pass the whole method of correction to us? Without Rabash, it would be extremely difficult or even impossible to reach the spiritual world.1

The upper force spreads in the system of Adam HaRishon, revealing itself from top to bottom by animating more and more parts of the soul. And when the light must spread to the lower layers of the system in order to revive the next organs of the body of Adam HaRishon in the chain, then there is a need for the special upper parts of the system to be included in this work.

The development takes place from top to bottom; therefore, when a certain lower stage develops, it causes changes to all the upper stages. Any correction is intended only for the awakening of the lowest souls, called “the last generation,” in order to also bring them into similarity with the Creator.

Rabash symbolizes a huge global force acting on our entire generation. All that remains for us is to implement Baal HaSulam’s method, which Rabash transmitted and explained to us. Therefore, we study Rabash’s articles in order to imagine the world as a general system and to correctly realize it, and Rabash leads us to it in the most practical form.2

Baal HaSulam is revealed to us not as a guide but as a scientist who attained the entirety of creation, from its beginning to its end and beyond. Rabash takes our hand, like an adult takes a child’s hand, and leads us along this path until the very end of correction. He opens the way for us and walks next to us.

The heavy, coarse souls that are revealed in our generation would be unable to merge with the Creator without the method revealed to us by Rabash. After all, he explains how to achieve the states that Baal HaSulam writes about.

Baal HaSulam writes about the upper levels and the upper states as a scientific researcher. Rabash speaks more not about the steps themselves, but about the inner work that a person must do to achieve them, that is, about the means: the environment, unification, and self-annulment.

In his books, Baal HaSulam describes the whole upper system, but these are not textbooks with which you can rise. He is like a composer who wrote a symphony. We first need to learn the musical notations and master the technique of playing scales before we can read this score and play it. To do this, we need another person, a teacher, and Rabash has become such a teacher for us, leading us all along the way.

Without his explanations, we could be confused by Baal HaSulam’s teachings, incorrectly interpreting them however much our imagination allows. Yet if we implement Rabash’s instructions, which let us achieve such an attainment, then we will start understanding Baal HaSulam’s writings.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/3/19, “Memorial Day for Rav Baruch Shalom Halevi Ashlag (Rabash)”

1 Minute 6:10
2 Minute 8:30
3 Minute 19:30

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Twist Yourself Like A Rubik’s Cube

laitman_245.10Question: To arrange a Rubik’s Cube by color, it has to be twisted horizontally and vertically.

I can twist my head and body horizontally to see everyone and absorb them into myself. What should I twist vertically? What should I do to do a complete job?

Answer: You have to constantly twist yourself in all directions, i.e., constantly dodging, in order to connect with friends above all obstacles.

Imagine that the Creator constantly creates difficulties and problems for you, twists you around. You must dodge, twist and turn and act contrary to Him. This is a help against you. His main job is to create problems for us because we will not grow without them.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/5/19, Lesson 0

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Accept People The Way They Are

552.02Question: What should I do if I feel a lack of the quality of truth in the relationships in the group? Everything is very artificial and insincere.

Answer: This is natural since we all are liars, thieves, rapists, and murderers of our good mutual relations. Therefore, in no case you should imagine that you are perfect. Accept people the way they are, the way the Creator created them. Look at the fact that they are trying very hard.

Everybody who came here wants to hear something about their soul, how to reveal and create it, and how to connect it with the other parts of the common soul. Therefore, I value them and cannot say anything bad in any of them, after all the Creator brought each of them here. If I do not value them, then I disagree with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 7/28/19

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New Life 248 – Discovering Who I Am, Part 2

New Life 248 – Discovering Who I Am, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

The human is a social being and is thus a product of the environment in which he grows. The first environment that provides a person with both desires and fulfillment is home. We carry it with us as a measuring bar all of our lives. Everyone benefits, in any group, when we balance giving and receiving according to each one’s strengths. No matter what your profession is or what you do, what matters is how much you give to society. Together, we can reach a state, like in a submarine crew, in which there is no curtain between each individual and the society. Through integral education and workshops (circle discussions), we can learn how to be included with others, create connection and integration, strike a balance between us, and enjoy the whole world together.
From KabTV’s “New Life 248 – Discovering Who I Am, Part 2,” 11/7/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10/24/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Hardening of the Heart – Invitation to Ascend” (Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria)

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 86

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