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Business Guru Adizes

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 10/02/19

A few days ago I spoke to Dr. Ichak Adizes, a top world expert in the field of management. Adizes says that love is the solution to all of life’s problems, hatred divides us and elicits rejection, while love is the key to success in business and organizations.

My Thoughts On Twitter 10/1/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter#RoshHashanah
If we unite, covering all transgressions with love, this year will be good for us. Such a connection must be achieved daily, every day becoming warmer, genuinely closer to each other!
Good year to all, good entry in the Book of Life!

If one lives in the past, for he knows nothing about the future, then the period from the beginning of the year, Rosh Hashanah, to the Judgement Day, Yom Kippur, is fearsome. The science of Kabbalah is facing the future and talks about these days as the most beautiful and kind. Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of a good change.
#YomKipur #RoshHashanah #judgementday #Jews

My new article on @medium “How to Rise Above Time, Space, and Motion and Communicate With the Dead“:

#predictions #success #wisdomofkabbalah

We are entering a new year—new Malchut, the system that controls us and receives feedback. When we are connected, we can affect this system and the future becomes an exciting ascent to the level of infinite attainment, the feeling of immortality and the common system of nature!

We’ve had uneasy years. We tried to understand how to change our fate. Let’s make the new year a year of new attainments when we control ourselves and our destiny, and we shall see a beautiful future before us and how we can advance toward it. Everything is in our hands!

🇮🇱 The government of unity should include opposing parties that, with wisdom and understanding, realize how to achieve connection and unity. Like a family where everyone has their own opinions, but for the sake of a common goal we need to discuss each issue and come to a mutually acceptable solution.
#Israel #israelelections2019

There is no other way to succeed except for creating a government of national unity made of parties that really want to unite and are capable of sacrificing their interests on every issue for it. Then it will result in concessions and in completion of each other.

“Just as their faces are different, so are their thoughts and desires.”
We are all completely different, initially unity cannot be achieved directly through our similarities. We need something that connects us with each other, so that we have a “cause” for which to cancel our differences.
#israel #elections

A few days ago I spoke to Prof. Ichak Adizes, a top world expert in the field of management. Adizes says that love is the solution to all of life’s problems, hatred divides us and elicits rejection, while love is the key to success in #business and organizations.

From Twitter, 10/1/19

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Add To The Integral

laitman_962.8Every particular exists only in order to point to the whole. Therefore, there is no need to delve into details, there is nothing significant in them. Every individual is required only in order to connect with the whole or to get out of it and thus teach us to perceive the common whole.

Through our actions, we discover the network of connections between us. Connecting them together, these actions are revealed as a system called Adam, the common soul. Adam HaRishon is a structure of connections between all of us. It is as if I look at a map and see a portrayal of roads connecting the cities. The same connection exists between all of us; it is not only three-dimensional but rather has an infinite number of dimensions.

This network of connections is called man, Adam. The more connections the individual points that are detached from each other can establish between them, the more roads they can pave, the more they build the common connecting system, which is called Adam. Therefore, they are also considered people, because Adam is the result of their efforts.1

The Creator deliberately broke the integral picture of the world and made it discrete so that we, by ourselves, through individual, discrete actions, would reach a common, complete form. We are incapable of such a generalization, but each of our individual actions, despite its limitations, brings us closer to the complete picture.

It is like calculating an integral, where the margin of error is added to the sum of rectangles. This addition completes those unaccounted angles, which we were unable to cover with our discrete shattering. This is called: “The Creator will finish this work for me.”

We add one small rectangle after another to the best of our ability. But how can all these rectangles be made into a smooth curve, how can we measure the entire area if we do not have the possibility of reaching the real integral picture through our “square” thinking? We can only increase the number of rectangles. Therefore, there is an addition to the integral that the Creator adds for us. He helps us perform all the actions, but then He still has to complete this work for us, adding what is missing, which we ourselves are unable to take into account.2

If the Creator is revealed within the desire of the ten, then how can we increase this desire, the area of the revelation of the Creator? The desire of the ten can be increased only through connection with each other. This entire area is divided into pixels that we cannot change, make larger or smaller. We can only increase the number of these pixels and thereby make the picture clearer. This is how it works, like a computer that detects only zero or one. Yet, through the large number of zeros and ones, all the operations are performed.3

After the convention in Moldova, the structure of the entire World Kli has changed. Because of the strong connection we reached there, we have jumped to the next degree. Now we need to build a new Kli. Now during every communication, we must take into account that we are connecting with the common Kli, with a certain area of the common soul.

For example, I connect with the Moscow group and understand that this is a part of the common soul. The sensation of this common Kli exists within me all the time. From now on, any connection in the ten is already a connection with the entire world Kli, as with the single whole. I feel that by connecting with friends in Europe, I influence my connection with friends in South America.

We are constantly adding pixels to the general picture and receiving new inner sensations. Due to the birth of these new sensations in us, the picture is constantly expanding. Every pixel is a connection within the world Kli due to which the form of the larger vessel called a man, Adam, begins to appear more and more.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/18/19, “Correction of the Shattering” (Preparation to the Europe Convention)

1 Minute 3:20
2 Minute 21:22
3 Minute 36:30
4 Minute 56:40

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Be The Conducting Channel For Him

Be The Conducting Channel For Him

laitman_255Therefore, it is a must for every nation to be strongly united within, so all the individuals within it are attached to one another by instinctive love.This does not mean that all the people in the nation, without exception, must be so. It means that the people of that nation, who sense that harmony, are the ones who make the nation, and the measure of happiness of the nation and sustainability are measured by their quality(Baal HaSulam The Nation)

The force that strengthens the nation depends on its similarity to the upper force, which is oneness; that is, it is able to unite. Such a nation can overcome any difficulties as they manifest as breakings and imperfections that require correction. Therefore, we will have to encounter many problems so that we can cover all crimes with love, strengthening and uniting more and more. This is the way that perfection will be revealed.

Every time greater crimes are revealed, we must build an opposite state, with love above it, and with no despair or retreat. This is how the world is built and how it must reach correction.

How can the European nations achieve unity with the staggering number of refugees? The refugees only help the European countries understand that unity must be established above all differences. We need to see the wave of refugees as sent from the upper force: destruction for the sake of correction.

Fifty years ago, it was impossible to imagine the current refugee situation in Europe. Europeans protected themselves considerably, they preserved every nation’s uniqueness: Germans, French, Italians… . The borders were rigid and distinct.

Suddenly, everything began to change swiftly. According to the upper program, everyone must reveal the shattering they are in. How else can the necessity for correction be revealed if not by the introduction of a foreign force? Thus, several million people enter Europe who are foreign in culture, education, religion, and behavior. There is no greater opposite force.

As a result, the Europeans are beginning to understand that there is no choice: the only thing to do is to unite. They are yet to reveal how to come to such unity. No matter how unrealistic it may seem due to religious differences, the most acute and irreconcilable, there is no other option.

Europeans realize that they have to find the key to connection and unity. This key is found, first and foremost, in the integral method of connection explained by Kabbalah: covering all crimes with love. This is realized with the help of the upper force. We cannot achieve unity on our own; we can only create conditions where through Israel, a connecting channel, we will cause the upper force to act on masses of people.

In order for this to happen, we need their compliance: the way they talk and act will start to change. It makes no difference that only yesterday they were fundamentalists, no matter what religion they were practicing, the way they thought, or which of the seventy nations they were a part of. Everyone will become as one nation.

The main thing is that Europe is undergoing challenges and we must provide a solution. Therefore, uniting is very important, all the Kabbalistic groups across Europe and the entire world, especially now before the Bulgarian congress. This is how we will be able to bring the light of unity and oneness to Europe. Europe is becoming more and more engulfed in darkness, in the feeling of helplessness, despair, of being faced with no way out. But we will see how contradictions will begin to subside, opinions will start changing, as will thoughts and desires. Everything is resolved in thought and the thoughts will become new.

How is it possible that those who were fierce fundamentalists, nationalists, unwilling to talk to anyone who differs from them in the slightest would suddenly change? The upper light is able to reform anything. As He is intensifying the darkness right now, so will He correct it. The main thing for us is to be the conducting channel for Him—this is our work.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/13/19, Unification of the People (Nation)
1 Minute 4:00

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Correct Interaction With Spiritual Forces

Laitman_120Question: In our world, a child cannot do good deeds, but he can acquire knowledge. Are these things inseparable in spirituality?

Answer: There are a lot of strange phenomena in our world. One of them is that we can receive strength without knowledge. A child can grab something, do something, and harm himself and others.

This is impossible in the spiritual world. You can detect, see, and find a connection with spiritual forces and objects only to the extent that you interact with them correctly. You see how to influence them and what consequences your impact on them has.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 6/16/19

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New Life 1156 – The Doctor-Patient Relationship

New Life 1156 – The Doctor-Patient Relationship
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

A doctor is like a representative of the upper force and must feel this way while treating the patient. The patient should trust the doctor because the success of the treatment also depends on this. Doctors had a special tendency to heal in the past but, today, profit drives everything. In the future, technology will improve medicine and robots will cure humans. Every illness is a state of imbalance. Kabbalists also deal with balance in one’s inner world and reach physical balance in the process.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1156 – The Doctor-Patient Relationship,” 8/15/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10/2/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Rosh Hashanah” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Item 60

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